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  1. lunkerbasshunter

    Season Endings Big Fish Bendings.

    its a shame you dont ever catch any big fish Great report. Huge monster fish wow Cheers!
  2. lunkerbasshunter

    Another good walleye session.

    amazing report once again! Love the videos. Thanks for taking the time to post it Cheers!
  3. lunkerbasshunter

    New Ontario Record Yellow Perch

    wow that is a massive perch!
  4. lunkerbasshunter

    Icy Walleye.

    Great report! Love the video as always!
  5. lunkerbasshunter

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    Got to wonder why you would risk it in a canoe. When most bigger boats with motors and deep vs are put away, you think you can get out there in a canoe? The water would kill you in minutes at these temps. Sad story, sorry to the family and friends
  6. lunkerbasshunter

    Bought myself an early Christmas present...NF

    I still play a lot of pool. Love the game! Its a great way to spend a winters night! Cheers!
  7. lunkerbasshunter

    Shore fishing pike.

    great Video that was fun to watch. cheers
  8. lunkerbasshunter

    Temagami Report

    great report! Awesome fish!
  9. lunkerbasshunter

    GBay/Moon River Fall Conditions

    I washed lures all day Friday north east of there. weeds are dieting off. the best fishing won't start for a while. water temps are 58 degrees. nobody was catching anything so it wasn't just me.
  10. lunkerbasshunter

    Some bling bling

    pretty fish!!!
  11. lunkerbasshunter

    Kawartha Muskie Report

    looks like a great day. glad the rain held off for ya
  12. lunkerbasshunter

    Time for a fishing report!

    Great report and noting better then fishing with family! Cheers
  13. lunkerbasshunter

    Ontario fires

    The cigarette butt thing is an important one. Last weekend a friend threw his butt into my campfire pit that had some brush in it that fell from trees from the storm a couple weeks ago and it was going to be burned then the fire ban started. Anyway I was in the screen in porch and smelt camp fire smoke and when I went out my fire pit was lit up. If it can happen in a fire pit with a few small branches it will happen in the bush! Be safe everyone! Cheers!
  14. lunkerbasshunter

    Powerboat friendly lakes within 1-1.5 hours from Guelph area?

    erie, Ontario, Grand river at the mouth of Erie. Simcoe (maybe pushing 1.5hours). Lake Eugenia? GBAY on the south end? Good luck
  15. lunkerbasshunter


    ouch not a fun sounding day! Hopefully next trip/Tourney is much better! Cheers