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  1. lunkerbasshunter

    Time for a fishing report!

    Great report and noting better then fishing with family! Cheers
  2. lunkerbasshunter

    Ontario fires

    The cigarette butt thing is an important one. Last weekend a friend threw his butt into my campfire pit that had some brush in it that fell from trees from the storm a couple weeks ago and it was going to be burned then the fire ban started. Anyway I was in the screen in porch and smelt camp fire smoke and when I went out my fire pit was lit up. If it can happen in a fire pit with a few small branches it will happen in the bush! Be safe everyone! Cheers!
  3. lunkerbasshunter

    Powerboat friendly lakes within 1-1.5 hours from Guelph area?

    erie, Ontario, Grand river at the mouth of Erie. Simcoe (maybe pushing 1.5hours). Lake Eugenia? GBAY on the south end? Good luck
  4. lunkerbasshunter


    ouch not a fun sounding day! Hopefully next trip/Tourney is much better! Cheers
  5. lunkerbasshunter

    Bass Season So Far

    Awesome fish and great hat!
  6. lunkerbasshunter

    Hot water on Pigeon

    On our lake the water is 81 it got as high as 85 July 4th. What dropped the water temps we think is have wind from a storm. Stired the colder water underneath up and water temps dropped 10 degrees. Now back up to 81 as of Saturday night. I find as long as the water temperature stays steady the fish will bite. When its up and down is when the fishing really starts.
  7. Restoule Provincial park is close and has decent fishing. They have muskie too Cheers!
  8. lunkerbasshunter


    hahaha thats laziness to the max. Or maybe am mad he is smarter then me I would be the one chasing the ball Cheers!
  9. lunkerbasshunter


    I do this on purpose to drive my wife nuts too
  10. lunkerbasshunter


    Water dropped down to 74 now its back up at 81 with this heat wave. No rain and some storms coming has everyone nervous about forest fires like north in Temagami.
  11. lunkerbasshunter

    Beauty of Lake Kipawa Quebec + 1 fish!

    amazing pics from a great area of Quebec
  12. lunkerbasshunter

    NF - Hmmm

    making America great again!
  13. My Bass opener was delayed a bit as I had some other commitments opening weekend. I started Wed after the opening weekend and fishing was great. Caught 50 or 60 fish that were mostly small but did get a few this size. (swallowed the hook so it was lunch the next day with a couple smaller ones) The long weekend came and had to put the rods down and keep the boat docked while the non fisher people were visiting. We still had fun even tho the fish were calling my name. Our last camp fire before the ban started. There was a lot of these consumed over the long weekend. We hang out on a rock and we call it ROCK THERAPY! That is my golden jumping for her ball. She will swim all day long if someone throws her ball for her. My other dog (9 month old red mini golden doodle Whiskey). Sleeping after a tiring three minute swim. After the long weekend we headed north to Temagami area. The weather got hot. So hot that I didn't bring my boat. I usually bring a boat up to fish area lakes. However low to mid 30s and no wind was not my idea of fun so decided to leave it behind and just fish my inlaws lake on there boat where we could head back to the dock if we got to hot. It was hot! Didn't fish during the day but we did go out at night and did well. We didn't get any size but my son, father in law and I would catch 40 to 50 fish in a couple hours so that was great. My son and I grabbed some worms and fished from the dock and shore and caught like 100 panfish which was actually as enjoyable a time fishing I have had in ages. The excitement kids get just from catching fish is amazing. They don't care about size they want action! One main reason why I like visiting my inlaws beside that they are pretty cool and like to fish. The meat locker. It's like protein heaven in here and they are running low! Fish, ribs, steak, some pizzas, chicken pretty well everything. Here is my son and I annual deck overlooking the water pics. Some sunset pics North Eastern Ontario style I headed back early to do some serious fishing. (I missed my boat). It was the hottest day in 15 years in the parry sound area. I mean crazy hot. Got up to 35. The lake was boiling. Ive never seen the water temp this high up there. last year it took till the fall to see 72. 85.7 is unheard of. After the cold front Friday the water has come down to 75. I thought the fishing would be slow. I was wrong! I fished in the evening and it was amazing. I caught a good number of large bass and a few decent pike over the next few days. ( yes I am rocking a MJ jersey from the 90s). Now something strange happen. My golden (autumn). who never jumps out of the boat unless she is told. Took a dive while I was fishing and swam about 40yards to shore. I was like what the heck is she doing. Facetimed my wife laughing saying I guess she was to hot. She actually went to shore on an island did her business and swam back to me haha. I actually had to go into shore with the trolling motor, lift up coast in and help her up cause I was not getting her in the boat out on the lake. She thought she was bad and gave me the I'm sorry eyes. but I much rather her jump and swim to shore then for her to pee in my boat here is a pic of her looking like she was bad but I'm sure relieved haha I had a great time with family and friends and fish the last 10 days. I can't wait to get back up north this weekend! Cheers!
  14. lunkerbasshunter

    Town of Temagami under evacuation alert.

    Marten River. 5 minutes from trappers.
  15. lunkerbasshunter

    Town of Temagami under evacuation alert.

    here is a decent update. My inlays just texted and said they are good but water bombers all day long https://www.baytoday.ca/local-news/forest-fire-problem-increasing-in-the-region-978502