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  1. 82 last night! Not even a bite so glad it wasn’t just me. Going to try again tonight! cheers
  2. Wow amazing report! That’s snow is crazy I don’t make it up This way in the winter but sure wish I did. Hockey and fishing what a way to Spend the winter!!!! Your a fish catching machine! Great pics! Cheers
  3. Thanks sunset and sunrise is my favorite time to be on the water. No traffic fish are biting and the views are amazing! Cheers
  4. That is amazing to hear. I had a similar story here today. The guy has been fishing this lake since he was a teenager and showed me old pics of stringers of huge 8-10lb fish. He realizes that back then was the reason why fishing was depleted quickly. Anyway he said this year has been the best year he has had in 30 for numbers so that’s very promising. Now water temps are up to almost 80 from 74 a couple days ago so wonder if that slows things down a bit? I’m heading out this evening to find out! Cheers
  5. After a terrible spring with high water levels and low water temps, so much debris in the water from flooding. Things started to pick up after the second week of June. We have been catching really good numbers of Walleye in the parry sound inland area. Stocking efforts seem to have been working as I have seen walleye in the the 1 to 4 lbs range way more than we ever have the last 20 years I have been fishing this area. Bass is offically on fire now as well. Small mouth is king here as there are millions of them. My best friend with her first walleye of the year and the first in the boat this year. She was mad I cut her face our of the the picture. I think she understands now that its all about the fish not the person. hahahaha My son with his first fish of the year. My buddy with a smaller table sized fish First Pike was very late this year coming well into June. some good fish. e Yes Im throwing a pic of my girls on this thread cause well they are amazing fishing partners. Last night water crept up on some parts of the lake to 74. I was on the water at 6pm and didnt get a bite till 910pm. However it was fast and furious then died down to nothing at 10pm. I got into some good walleye, some small bass and smaller walleye (good sign to see the small ones). Maybe about 10 to 12 fish all right after each other minus a ten minute battle with a treble hook in my rubber net (only me I tell you). So the fish look way bigger than they are in this pic. They were both 17.5 inches and just shy of 2lbs. I let the bigger ones go right away so didn't get pics as the action was fast and I didnt want to take time taking pics for them unless it was a true trophy. For me I let anything go over 3lbs (unless deep hooked) and keep the smaller ones for the table. I will end with this shot from last weekend. I had a 10 minute boat ride back right into this beauty of a sunset. What a night!
  6. love those animals! A truly remarkable creature.
  7. 74 last night in the parry sound area. Was 68 the week before and 62 the week before that. cheers
  8. If you are a a really good lake trout lake would they be eating the small walleye?
  9. I grew up fishing that creek. You can get tons of smallmouth close to lake O. It has pike, carp, trout and salmon are seasonal. I saw an older guy catching walleye off the concrete peer last year in the fall. Tons of easy ways to get down there. Lions valley, the mouth of Lake O.
  10. large baits for sure. You may not catch many but the ones you do will be big. If you read up on the lakes that produce large bass over 10lbs in the US they all use huge baits. Large swim baits, small snake like baits. All that said, nothing wrong with a day of 3-4lbers on regular sized baits. Cheers
  11. If you call them walleye up in my inlaws area of North East Ontario they look at you like your some strange alien. They call them pickeral up there always have and always will. If you call them pickeral down south in the great lakes regions or in the USA you get the same look. I call them by both depending on where I am and who I am talking to makes it easy to avoid the whole debate. Cheers!
  12. 54F that far north? It was on 46F in parry sound last weekend. Sure hope the water warms up soon. Great video! Cheers!
  13. I was on an inland parry sound lake last weekend. No bugs at all but it was cold windy and raining. I got out on the water for a couple of hours, just did some trolling. Caught OOS bass and small crappie. No pike. The water was 46F so still cold that other site. I'm heading up for 5 days on Friday and expect the black flies to start to appear. With the sun and warmer weather, I expect the pike fishing to pike up and also expect to get some walleye. Cheers!
  14. I tend to agree with everyone else. I catch a ton of bass on wacky rigged Senko type of baits but walleye a jig is hard to beat. Don't forget to try live bait. A jig and leech or big worm work well when they aren't hitting a jig and plastic. I will actually be fishing this weekend using a jig and single tail grub with a small piece of worm to entice the bites. Hopefully, I catch some Cheers!
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