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  1. lunkerbasshunter

    Sunday Afternoon Walleye.

    looks like a fun day!!!
  2. well worth the effort to get to crawford lake for crappie through the ice. been a while but it was the most productive lake in the area. got a few decent pike as well there. If it was summer i could give you way better tips but hardwater that is all I got.
  3. lunkerbasshunter

    Crappie in the Otter Lodge

    great day not the hard water! balmy -17 haha
  4. lunkerbasshunter

    Crappie, Bacon and Avocado on Rye.....YUM!

    some people just need to chill out I guess eh? Cheers!
  5. lunkerbasshunter

    Man's Best Friend

    ouch that sucks! Glad everything was recovered
  6. lunkerbasshunter

    Crappie, Bacon and Avocado on Rye.....YUM!

    I clean crappie the same way! Looks great! Cheers!
  7. lunkerbasshunter


    I love your videos! I cant believe a video like this gets only a few replies but non fishing topics get dozens haha anyway thanks for taking the time to post. I enjoyed it! Oh by the way. You know your hardcore when you have a briefcase for your ice rods haha Cheers!
  8. lunkerbasshunter

    Best Pike Fishing

    there is endless great quality lakes in ontario for big pike. Like someone else mentioned Lake Muskoka has some big ones. Georgian Bay is a pike haven in May. Lake Nipissing have some monster as well. Further to the west how could you go wrong with Lac Seul, nipigon or just about any lake from Thunder Bay to the Manitoba border. Its amazing you fishing at 80! I sure hope im doing road trips at 80 searching for big fish! Cheers!
  9. lunkerbasshunter

    phone down an icehole

    75 ft down is crazy they got it!
  10. lunkerbasshunter

    How to catch whitefish ... Seabass Outdoors

    The under water footage is amazing cheers
  11. lunkerbasshunter

    Well that was fun

    some good ice will be built this weekend! Looks like it was fun! Cheers!
  12. lunkerbasshunter

    An aggressive black bear video , this hunter was lucky

    If I was in that much of bear country alone I would have a much bigger weapon than a bow and arrow. That was a huge bear tho.
  13. lunkerbasshunter

    Season Endings Big Fish Bendings.

    its a shame you dont ever catch any big fish Great report. Huge monster fish wow Cheers!
  14. lunkerbasshunter

    Another good walleye session.

    amazing report once again! Love the videos. Thanks for taking the time to post it Cheers!
  15. lunkerbasshunter

    New Ontario Record Yellow Perch

    wow that is a massive perch!