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  1. Ideas for drive in camping trip to good walleye lake up North

    I’ve always had amazing fishing on nipissing myself. My biggest large mouth and my biggest walleye have both come from nipissing. What would you recommend to this fellow?? Cheers!
  2. Ideas for drive in camping trip to good walleye lake up North

    sorry if this is late but my vote is for nipissing. georgian bay moon river area or bay of quinte. All of these are world class walleye fisheries with family friendly areas especially in july and you dont need to drive 12 hour to get to them.
  3. ANGRY Lake Ontario

    hey there, its been a while since i have fished the creeks and rivers in the area. most of my fishing is done in parry sound and temagami now. I am down to the piers there just for the scenery now more then anything. Pay attn to the birds. if they move from the lake to inside the piers up the river a bit it means the baitfish they are feeding on was pushed into the creek. if so that is the best chance at getting a day you will never forgot from shore.
  4. Another day in Paradise.

    I was going to say there may still be ice for opener up there. Cheers!
  5. $3,000 fine for over double limit

    I hope your day gets better! Cheers my friend!
  6. $3,000 fine for over double limit

    yep, not sure how a post about the MNR doing good has turned into an alleged racist thread with some trump thrown in for good measure but it happened sadly. We all need to go fishing I think!
  7. Another day in Paradise.

    great video! When does the ice go out up there? Looks like you still a ways to go. Cheers!
  8. Bye Bye Lake Simcoe dock ....

    That is crazy! And expensive
  9. $3,000 fine for over double limit

    The fine seems to match the crime in my eyes. On our lake the ministry is telling us to take them out and not let them go as they are an invasive species. (crappie are huge and tasty on our lake). That being said if you can't get a really good meal our of 30 crappie and feel you want to break the MNR laws then you should be fined and I am happy to see the CO catch this person and even happier to see he actually got fined.
  10. ANGRY Lake Ontario

    To funny would love to see that. I'm sure the coast guard wouldn't though haha.
  11. ANGRY Lake Ontario

    hey I grew up fishing 16 mile creek and there are tons of fish there. Bass, Walleye, Pike, Salmon, rainbows and browns just depending on the time of year. All from shore! Cheers!
  12. ANGRY Lake Ontario

    Last week I took these couple of pics. So calm and amazingly beautiful. It was a much different story today. With the wicked winds and wind direction I heard the Lake Ontario Shore line in Oakville was getting hammered. I took a drive down and wow I don't know if I have ever seen it this bad. The waves are over the peer and the shorelines are washed out. Pretty incredible power. If you are from the area you will know where this is and understand how crazy this is. Sadly this bass didn't make it. This was 15ft washed in from shore to give you an idea of how far the water being washed in.

    Found this on instagram and was like wow that would be my luck some days on the water.....
  14. Lake O trib report (Update w/ new pic)

    that is amazing. love the colours
  15. Wicked Video

    awesome video qty