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  1. If you call them walleye up in my inlaws area of North East Ontario they look at you like your some strange alien. They call them pickeral up there always have and always will. If you call them pickeral down south in the great lakes regions or in the USA you get the same look. I call them by both depending on where I am and who I am talking to makes it easy to avoid the whole debate. Cheers!
  2. 54F that far north? It was on 46F in parry sound last weekend. Sure hope the water warms up soon. Great video! Cheers!
  3. I was on an inland parry sound lake last weekend. No bugs at all but it was cold windy and raining. I got out on the water for a couple of hours, just did some trolling. Caught OOS bass and small crappie. No pike. The water was 46F so still cold that other site. I'm heading up for 5 days on Friday and expect the black flies to start to appear. With the sun and warmer weather, I expect the pike fishing to pike up and also expect to get some walleye. Cheers!
  4. I tend to agree with everyone else. I catch a ton of bass on wacky rigged Senko type of baits but walleye a jig is hard to beat. Don't forget to try live bait. A jig and leech or big worm work well when they aren't hitting a jig and plastic. I will actually be fishing this weekend using a jig and single tail grub with a small piece of worm to entice the bites. Hopefully, I catch some Cheers!
  5. well worth the effort to get to crawford lake for crappie through the ice. been a while but it was the most productive lake in the area. got a few decent pike as well there. If it was summer i could give you way better tips but hardwater that is all I got.
  6. great day not the hard water! balmy -17 haha
  7. some people just need to chill out I guess eh? Cheers!
  8. ouch that sucks! Glad everything was recovered
  9. I clean crappie the same way! Looks great! Cheers!
  10. I love your videos! I cant believe a video like this gets only a few replies but non fishing topics get dozens haha anyway thanks for taking the time to post. I enjoyed it! Oh by the way. You know your hardcore when you have a briefcase for your ice rods haha Cheers!
  11. there is endless great quality lakes in ontario for big pike. Like someone else mentioned Lake Muskoka has some big ones. Georgian Bay is a pike haven in May. Lake Nipissing have some monster as well. Further to the west how could you go wrong with Lac Seul, nipigon or just about any lake from Thunder Bay to the Manitoba border. Its amazing you fishing at 80! I sure hope im doing road trips at 80 searching for big fish! Cheers!
  12. some good ice will be built this weekend! Looks like it was fun! Cheers!
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