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  1. Hi all. Looking for any suggestions for winter trout fishing with a 9 year old. i was thinking to try local in the Credit or Bronte as it's relatively safer and closer for public access. I've never been out in the winter and with my son safety is the first priority. Not looking for any private spots, but just general areas with good access. Also appreciate any suggestions for kids waders. Thanks all!
  2. Hi guys. I've been a bass fisherman my whole life but I just went Salmon fishing for the first time in the east end of the city. I live in Mississauga and I would like to give it a try maybe in the Credit river but I'm not fully understanding the regulations. It seems like certain areas of the river have different regulations? For example, if i go to Hewick Meadows in Port Credit, there is a sign right on the bridge that tells you what is allowed. Now what about other areas where signs may not be posted? I took a look on the cvc.ca website and see the following: Are there any additional tips for a first timer such as maps that might show which areas I can actually try? This might seem obvious to most but I just want to get it right before I violate any rules. Thanks! Exceptions for the Credit River Regulation exceptions have been developed to provide anglers with additional opportunities or to protect fish during sensitive times of the year such as spawning periods. These exceptions are: EXTENDED FALL SEASON (4th Sat. in April to Dec. 31) for Rainbow and Brown Trout and pacific salmon from the south side of Britannia Road upstream to the south side of the Highway 407 bridge. YEAR ROUND OPEN SEASON for Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and pacific salmon from the south side of Highway 403 bridge downstream to Lake Ontario. NO FISHING for any species from August 15 to the Friday before the fourth Saturday in April in the Credit River and tributaries from the south side of the Highway 403 bridge upstream to the south side of the Britannia Road NO FISHING for any species from January 1 to the Friday before the fourth Saturday in April in the Credit River and tributaries from the south side of the Britannia Road bridge upstream to the south side of the Old Baseline Road bridge, excluding Levi’s Creek and Fletcher’s Creek. NO FISHING for any species from October 1 to the Friday before the fourth Saturday in April in the Credit River and tributaries from the south side of the Old Baseline Road bridge in Caledon upstream to Highway 9. Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout and Brown Trout catch and possession limit of zero (0) and only artificial lures (no organic bait) with one (1) single-pointed barbless hook can be used when angling the Credit River and tributaries upstream of Old Baseline Road in Caledon..
  3. Thanks to both GBW and Raycaster for the replies. I've reached to Steve and I will take a look in to Cache Bay and see what I can find!
  4. Hope everyone had good luck this summer with lots of memories to keep you going over the winter. I had a decent summer and my regular Bass lakes produced some nice fish. I took my kids for some panfish and they were pretty excited to see a small pike in the water. I've never targeted pike but now thinking about spending a day out with a guide to go after a few. I did a quick google search but I don't come up with much. Appreciate any recommendations for a guide in Ontario, within 3-4hrs of Toronto I would say. Thanks!
  5. Hi there. I'm looking for recommendations for a Salmon Charter in Lake Ontario. Preferreably, I would like to launch out of the Scarborough Bluffs. I know there are many to choose from on google, but i'm hoping to hear from anyone who's had a good personal experience. Thanks!
  6. A few weeks ago I was offloading gear at the dock and two guys pulled up in a Mazda CX-5 with a small fishing boat on top of the vehicle. It was for sure not a canoe or any of the typical boats I have seen on a vehicle. I have no idea what size of motor they had on it but i was curious what type of fishing boat this may be, and what options exist for boats that can be transported on top of a vehicle. Wish i took a pic. Appreciate any advice.
  7. Hey all. I just got back from my trip and wanted to thank you all for the suggestions. This year, the bass were smaller than normal....the biggest i hooked in to was about 3lbs. I tried chatterbaits (not hits), chatterbait with a shrimp as the trailer (I saw a guy get a big smallie last weekend at simcoe using an uncooked pink shrimp....no hits), larger topwater frog in the pads (decent amount of hits but hooking in to them was another story). I had the most luck on orange\copper senko's. My buddy got another 6lb'er on the opener and showed me a pic. I think it's time for new friends. lol.
  8. Which one? They have a few digital scales including the tournament series touchless scale. It's pretty pricey...around $80.
  9. Any recommendations for a new scale? I have a basic South bend one in my bag with a tape measure. I'm thinking about upgrading it to a digital one but not sure which one to go with. I see the cheap Dr Meter one's on Amazon right up to the Rapala Touchless tournament scale (which is probably overkill for me). Appreciate any recommendations.
  10. Just looked up the River 2 Sea s-waver. Looks pretty cool....and big! Where can you buy these in Ontario? I don't see anywhere online and they are out of stock at Bass Pro.
  11. Great advice, so find the structure and use large baits. The lake is quite small and the water is deep and dark so I can only locate the pads\weeds (where I have gotten all my fish) and the dock across the lake. I'll give it a shot at the end of the month and post pics....this includes any 1lber's which I hold up right against the camera lens and tell you guys it's 5lb's. lol. Appreciate all of the advice!
  12. Hi all. I have a friend with a cottage on a private lake just north of Bancroft. It's a small lake full of largemouth and every year he sends out a pic of his big catch which looks to be around 7lbs. I only get up there once a year and have good success on senko's and scum frog's in the morning, however these have been more in the 3-4lb range. I'm hoping to target one of the trophy size fish, so my question is.....what lure and technique do you suggest for that big bass? I went to Cabela's and the staff suggested using a larger topwater frog like a Lunkerhunt. After reading a few articles online I see suggestions for larger swimbaits, jig and trailer combo's but I really have no idea else to try. My time is limited out there, so I won't have time to experiment with everything. My buddy caught his on mostly different lures each time.
  13. No one? Lol. Maybe i should have asked about Bronte Creek.
  14. I live in Mississauga and often drive past 16 mile creek as it crosses Britannia (near Terra Garden Center) or on Lower Baseline\Trafalgar. I only fish bigger lakes but i always wonder what species are available aside from Salmon and Trout and where fishing is allowed along the river in Milton and Oakville. I don't see any signs posted in these areas mentioned above. Appreciate any guidance. Thanks!
  15. Hi all. I've been looking for my first fishfinder and there are a lot of options out there. I think a basic unit like the garmin striker 4 is cheap and a good value including the gps, ability to mark waypoints. However, the sales guy mentioned that I would get a lot more value out of a Humminbird Helix 5 with built in maps, down imaging, etc. Ofcourse it's a few hundred bucks more. I don't have my own boat now so that I thought the portability of the striker 4 would be great, but appreciate any advice on what I should ask myself to determine if i should make the extra investment for a better unit. Appreciate any advice.
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