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  1. RossFisher

    DIY Trading/Investing

    weeds an even better buy this week in the 30's bleeding is not over ..🤣 .
  2. RossFisher

    DIY Trading/Investing

    good deal on this pile. Aphria 🤢
  3. RossFisher

    New Ontario Record Yellow Perch

    15.3/4 Fishing with Chris Hiltz in his boat ..with his best fishing rod lure combo while he was busy ....lol Beat his bestest by a good inch anyway Ha Ha Chirs 😎😋
  4. RossFisher

    Uncut Angling - Panoptix for musky

    and they all told "Vanselina" it couldn't be done. 😲 Now that is what I call a Vexlilar!
  5. RossFisher

    33 Moose seized

    Questions over federal cull costing $7,900 a moose https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/questions-over-federal-cull-costing-dollar7900-a-moose/ar-BBPS2iW?ocid=spartandhp
  6. RossFisher

    DIY Trading/Investing

    ⛷️ 42.68 CAD −8.21 😎
  7. RossFisher

    I did something very dumb - Electrical help

    if it is a newer boat the fuses will be at the back by the battery, in a holder..inline with the wires. should be a few different ones there as well. The fuse is your problem.
  8. RossFisher

    DIY Trading/Investing

    Oh my, good buy?! So much for Constellation.
  9. RossFisher

    Lund problems 😳

    2004 Baron. No issues.
  10. RossFisher

    DIY Trading/Investing

    oh my ..... I don't have to tell you that doubling your money is what it is all about.
  11. RossFisher

    DIY Trading/Investing

    yes 100% cant p 30 in short order.. it will be low 40 by the end of the week . it will flounder at 30 to 35 for about a year a=before people see it is not making but rather still losing.
  12. RossFisher

    DIY Trading/Investing

    you must own some will hit 30 in short order.
  13. RossFisher

    DIY Trading/Investing

    For Cant P
  14. RossFisher

    DIY Trading/Investing

    Hard to sell five year old poison sprayed hemp They'll figure it out real quick, Did you order up one of the fine 25 dollar pre rolls from your Fav LP by chance? Three to five day delivery for one five year old pre rolled joint of poison herb, oh the pain... 61 cent loss per share... isn't hard to figure out..😱 they have be smoking to much of that poison ...
  15. RossFisher

    DIY Trading/Investing

    how many shares are you buying today?