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  1. Thanks for the reply irish, I just returned from Temagami and read your reply. You mentioned "the majority have had enough". Enough of what? There is a ramp that can be used by the public for free after beating up their stuff on a 16 km dusty road for 45 minutes. I apologise for my ignorance, but what is the "majority" ? and why is this majority unhappy with the fact that people are parking for free on the side of a dusty road in the middle of nowhere? Do they want to charge a fee for parking on that dusty road, 2 miles from the ramp, or are they planning to build a nice parking facility there, that will justify a fee ? In my opinion, starting to charge for the ramp that was already there for free for so many years and for parking on the actual road as is, does not look like a move towards improving things.
  2. Thanks Spiel, is there parking available as well ?
  3. I was wondering if there are any public ramps and parking on Temagami and Marten lakes. I am thinking to access Lake Temagami from Lake Temagami Access road and I can see some ramps on Google Maps, but I am not sure if they are public or if there is parking available in the area. For Marten Lake, I was told there is a ramp on Marten Lake Road, but I could not figure out where. Any help is appreciated.
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