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  1. Hi Chris, I get what your saying about fishing pressure, pike presence, however the drop off seems very dramatic, and seemed like it had been on the rise 2016 and 2017.
  2. Hey All, I have a cottage on Seymour Lake, and it seemed like the fishing was way down this year- Bass, Pike, Walleye (don't really target), even Sunfish. Also, haven't caught a muskie in year, I'm assuming it has to do with the Pike taking over, still surprised tho. I know they've sprayed really aggressively for solider weed the past few falls, and thought that might have something to do with? Anyways curious to hear your thoughts, and what you've experienced on the water. Thanks,
  3. Thanks- might be a tricky tactic in a canoe with no electronics, but I'll give it a go.
  4. Thanks- Hopefully there is some size!
  5. Hello All, I'm heading up to Dickie lake in a couple of weeks, and can't seem to find to much info on it. Any idea what I should expect, types of fish,. numbers, size, etc? Any tips, or spots greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the insight , I'll let you know how it goes.
  7. Hey all, Hope everyone's fishing season is going well. I am heading to ArrowHead lake this weekend, with the GF and her friends. I am hoping to do a fair bit of fishing. Has anyone fished it before? I've head it's fairly decent for small mouth? Any suggestions? I am planning on renting a canoe at the park, pretty sure that means I won't be able to fish early mornings. If anyone is local and wants to rent me a canoe, I'd be very grateful and jump all over it. Thanks in advance for the feed back! Bret
  8. I am on the trent, just east of Rice. I have notice a massive decline in size and numbers. Last year the tournament at the local marine had very low average weights. It is very rare these days (for me) to get a bass over 4lbs. I thought it might be due to the huge spike in Pike numbers.
  9. I think i would end up in jail, and if i was fishing with my dad it would be 100%.
  10. err, you are right, i need to learn how to read gooder...point is still the same, the old record fish must not of been near max weight?
  11. I wonder what sort of collar it had on? Might have to go and buy my dog a brighter and more distinct, maybe an orange vest as well..
  12. ya sad it was killed. Question tho, since it was 27.5 vs the old record of 24.5 was this fish even close to it's max weight?
  13. if you read the comments apparently it was killed......
  14. I use to keep creek minnows as a kid all winter. Had a cheap aerator and a clear plastic tub in my basement. I only ever put straight tap water in, and never changed it, just topped it off as needed. Do the same thing with my feeder gold fish i have as pets/food in a tank and some have been alive for over a year now.
  15. err oops thanks... try this searched "weather " http://www.musky.com/2012single/SearchPage.html
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