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  1. Joepa, do you have your copy of the fishing regulations of Ontario 2022? Have you read them? There is a section in there for "bag" limits, and "possession" limits. Once you read them, you'll know the difference, and how the MNRF enforces the regs.
  2. Ok Jeff, understood now. Thanks for explaining. Please email me directly at [email protected], and we can take this off the website to discuss details further. Thanks again Paul
  3. Before you ask about shipping, maybe 1) tell me where you live, and 2) that you're going to buy it. Then we'll talk details...
  4. X5 trolling motor for sale. Bought a new one this spring, and don't need this one. 82 lbs thrust, foot control, 48" shaft, 24 volt. Guaranteed to work for you. Comes with a TH Marine prop nut. Also includes the double shock absorbers (not installed... Just never got to it 😁). Have it listed on Kijiji for $850.00, so will list it for the same here. I'm in Kitchener. First reasonable offer takes it. Can't attach photos yet, please stand by...
  5. Thanks all for the replies. But with no info on vendors at the show, I decided I'm not going at all. Bought a new trolling motor online, so I'm good.
  6. I'm in need of a new trolling motor with spot lock, so I'll be heading down to find a "deal"...
  7. I have the same drill. Did the same thing. Next trip out, I went down about 5 inches, then pulled the snow out, then drilled again. Repeat until you're through. Did three holes with no issues, no smoke, no smell. Good luck.
  8. Yes, science explains climate change very well. Is it true? Maybe... Check the nightly news, weather on TV. See the records for this day.... How does science explain that??? Weather on this planet is cyclical! That means it comes and goes in cycles!! And therefore, (in layman's terms), we will be cooling off on the entire planet soon. Next year? No. But eventually.
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