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  1. I have rented a cottage with the family on Leonard Lake, off 118 in Muskoka. Anyone fished it? Anything worthwhile. Wigler
  2. Has anyone fished this little lake about 40km south of Bancroft? Anything in there worthwhile? Renting a cottage on the lake.
  3. Been a member here for a while. More of a lurker as opposed to a poster. Love all the posts and the information. Jealous of some of the fishing adventures you guys get into. So my small adventure is heading to Three Mile Lake this weekend for a week at a cottage. Never fished there. Found some posts related to this lake from a few years ago but nothing recent. Does anyone have any experience there? What can I expect? Should I target walleye or bass? Or both. Just have a canoe so I will not be travelling too far from home base. Staying in the Eastern portion of the lake. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Personally I think it is the drivers more than the tires that cause accidents, in winter or summer. Left my house last week the afternoon of the storm, road was plowed reasonably. On my residential street. Was behind a driver doing 15kmh. They were completely petrified to drive in the 'reasonable' conditions. Had no clue how to drive in the conditions. Should not have a licence. Personally I am originally from up north, and learned how to drive in winter conditions on a lake. Nothing to hit, but learned to control the vehicle on ice and snow.
  5. My buddy just purchased a small Pelican boat from Costco. He put a trolling motor on the back. He seems to think we can launch this thing anywhere but I have concerns. Not sure I would want to be in it on a larger lake. So my questions is does anyone have any recommendations on lakes/'ponds' south east of Newmarket. Somewhere in the Kawartha's I would think. I have spent some time looking at Google maps, but it is hard to know what you are looking at without driving there. I don't think we would need a launch, just a shore where we could carry and put this thing in. I suppose we could hit a larger lake and put it in a small bay? Thoughts? Thanks. Wigler
  6. As the parent of an autistic son I was outraged, even shaking when I read this yesterday. Some people.
  7. Congrats. To be honest, never started thus never had to quit. Likely I am just as proud of that. wigler
  8. Always been a pet peeve of mine. Grew up navigating boats, mostly small tinnies, etc. Then this law comes in and I am not allowed to drive a boat. I no longer have a boat, so not a huge issue, except when I happen to go to a cottage, or wish to rent a boat for fishing. So me, who has a lot of experience, is not allowed, but someone who has passed this 'test', but has never before been in a boat, is allowed. Should there not be a practical test as well? Well, this past summer I finally wrote the test, with virtually no prestudying. What a joke it was. I do not feel better that people who have passed this test are now on the water.
  9. Happens to me as well. The other thing to look at is the furnance filter. Put in a new one. If it is dirty it can cause the AC to ice up. I have also fixed a leak/added coolent. Normally took less than an hour so only the hourly rate. wigler
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