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  1. I am struggling with the choke setup on this motor. !989 20 HP Johnson. It is an injection type choke and not a normal butterfly choke. How do you set this up?/? Do you open up the red manual choke button to increase the choke. . Another Question. What is a "link sync" ? thanks a bunch guys. The motor is 60 kl back in the bush on a pontoon boat. I might have to drag it home.
  2. Ok thks. Was my next plan. When I mentioned warmed up,I really meant ounce it fired up it does not skip a beat when still cold. Was wondering about linkage adjustment. But I plan on cleaning the carb.
  3. When cold starting, this motor will fire the first flip everytime but will not continue running. No problem when hot. To get it started I have to move manual throtle to 3/4 open and then it revs to high. adjusting fuel did not help. I have run out of ideas. Motor runs and trolls great.
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