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  1. I step on my shimano symmetry back in 1999. Won that tourney then won some small stuff . The next year won a tourney then won CSFL Classic plus some small stuff. The next 2001 same thing won some tourneys and the CSFL Classic. Won few more more tourneys over next few years until I retired from big tourneys. To this day I haven't fix the reel, it's bend so bad it speeds up when it goes by the bend. The reel is cheap so never worried about it.
  2. It would be a miracle to get a verbal hassement charge lay , proably bigger miracle to get police to show up at a fishing spot to witness verbal harrasment. Think you need to stranded up for your self.
  3. It's hilarious the guys that think keeping 1 rainbow in the eastern ditchs is criminal. You go to Georgian Bay and a caught rainbow is a dead rainbow. On the eastern ditchs most know I won't take there crap. Then I point out the charter industry kill more rainbows than I have in just 1 day. i wouldn't eat bass if their was other option, but I have and will eat any fish.
  4. I'm going on 14 years retired. No job . THe most important thing for me was get on a routine, get up same time and go to bed same time. At the start of retirement it was important for me to have a plan for next day. Now I have no plan, start most days going swimming at local Rec center, then doing home jobs grass ,weed eating . I'm real fussy about what days I go fishing lately way to hot really avoid wind haven't been in a boat when rain hits for years. Always walk away when jobs are talked about.
  5. And in heavy breeze your troller is popping out of water adds to risk reward. I no a guy that always said with alligater clips I will just unhook them. Finally happen to him ,dburned all the skin off thum and the melted rudder burned fingers close to bone.
  6. The breakers at the battery are the weak link. If the troller quits you hope to have light tester or multi meter. Barring that you take back lead off breaker and move to front if troller starts working you can try the little black reset button. I.ve had little success on resetting breaker and they get easier to pop if they rest. i always had spare breaker with me but it was risk reward if I changed it on water but certainly changed it before next tournament day.
  7. My breakers are 50 amp on the battery. I never reset them, just move the wire forward taking the breaker out. They pop easier every time so I replace after the first pop. You can get them at stero shops also. Chewing thick mate weed is where they pop most so not really issue on Simcoe and running them on 100% or high bypass is risky.
  8. 18 is Very small on Balsam. 26 seems to be the avg pike have caught 12 lb pike.
  9. I am a good spring walleye angler. I can't catch what's not there. Hope I'm wrong so I check with friends and they found same.
  10. I bought rebuilt starter for my 225 Merc $500 years ago worked great. Call a few referb places see if available.
  11. Rice Lake is on the clock. All slots are 19 inches and just a slew of 20 inch overs . In 15 trip never caught any low slot walleye and zero under slot. Clock is ticking
  12. With out a death in family my wife learned to back my boats and also her tent trailer which is a mean little B to back up.
  13. Minn Kota makes a self deploy , the price will likely shock you. And spot lock is incredible. I've stayed with the cable steer so far. But spot lock models so popular there's many good deals on used cable steer . ! would suggest 80 Fortrex 50 inch shaft.
  14. My Guidewear is warmer . My 100mph BPS is drier .
  15. The salmon guys I know are on water at 5am and it's crazy until 9. Steady stream of salmon boats going by my house so timing is now.
  16. You could be fishing Stripe Bass off pier ,jetty, or shore these could be over 40lb and require a surf rod and some big tackle. Most of what I've heard about medium size so heavy bass rods will do. Most piers get a run of mackerel they are 15-18 inches and a medium 6-6 -7 ft spinning rod is best 8-10 ib line and use a mackerel rig which is bell sinker on bottom and 3 tiny hooks with white and red feathers. High tide is everything low tide stay home.
  17. Boats and pretty girls about the same. The one you keep looking at is the boat for you.
  18. Chryslers are points and condenser if you don't know what that means look for something else.
  19. I would take my boat trailer plate with me and bring the utility trailer home then deal with the home made trailer issue.
  20. I've went to MNR seized merchandize auction couple times years ago. At Corneils Auction Little Britain. Haven't heard of one recently.
  21. I have about 10 pairs of split ring pliers and your chubby fingers shouldn't be involved. Good split ring pliers should open split ring and also grip the ring. So cubby fingers holding both hook and plier moving ring. Don't think I paid $40 for Shimano pliers maybe $18.
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