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  1. No need for this part it was something else
  2. Thanks for all the info and tips. The pain comes and goes but it's allot better now than it was the first six months. Like I posted originally the only limited movement is straight out to the side and can't lift anything. The stupid thing about all this is I had to wait nine months to see a Dr and he gives me crap for not having an MRI. I get the MRI, four months later, and he then tells me he's a knee guy and will refer me to a shoulder guy!! I will be getting a second opinion before I agree to anything that involves cutting me open. Thanks guys
  3. I tore my Supra spinatus February last year and they finally are telling me i need surgery. Has anyone had this repair done? How bad was the recovery period? Or has anyone needed this repair and not had it done and regret it? The only motion I can't do is reach out to my side and pick up anything. I don't do this motion usually and have been doing renos and fishing and hunting the past year with no issues. Any info would be great thanks. Sorry not really fishing related but I've seen posts where others mention body failings that prevent them from fishing anymore.
  4. Driving across Canada once way back. Couldn't sleep in the truck one more night so took a break and stayed in a hotel east of Thunder Bay. Room was above a bar that went nuts till about two am. After the bar closed the freight trains would blast their horns every time they passed the hotel about ten feet away! No level crossings any where near there. I guess they were just having fun. Ended up leaving at 6 am with no sleep and sleeping in the truck down the road!
  5. 2004 Ski Doo legend 380 fan. Two up seat. Great shape. Only 3779 km. Only used for ice fishing. Studded track and tunnel protectors. Has a hitch on it. Replaced allot of parts over the years. Heated hand grips and thumb warmer. Pull and electric start with reverse. Never failed to start and never left me stranded. Comes with single tilt and load trailer with Super Clamps front and back and traction mat and ski guides. Rewired trailer last month. All in all a great ice fishing sled. 4500.00 or best offer. Mail me at [email protected] for pics. Located in East York, Toronto.
  6. I guess I posted that wrong. All pickerel were too small too keep.
  7. How was your Nippissing trip? We were up there Family day to the Thursday. Lots of jumbos and about 15 pickerel all in the slot. This year we also got four white fish. My personal best whitefish this year it weighed in at 8.5 lbs. The snow on Wednesday was a real treat to try and drive out on in the four by four truck. Hope you guys had as good a time as we did.
  8. Further up Lakeshore is Sunset park off of Sunset Blvd. You can drive right onto the lake and there is parking right on the ice there as well. We head out 2.5 to 5 km and fish 24 fow. Billy Bobs for minnows. Good luck
  9. I looked this up but couldn't find the exact one. Any idea how much it weighs? The ones I found say 80 lbs. Can this be right? THanks
  10. 2004 Honda CRV. Every thing that could go wrong did. I will never buy a Honda again because of this Crappy Recreation Vehicle.
  11. I've sewn up my torn hut using braided fishing line. A few loops at the ends of the cut and then sew up the middle. For good measure I put tuck tape over it inside and out and it's never been a problem since.
  12. So I still don't know where to go find these boots near the GTA. Angling outfitters and Royal are my only options?
  13. I had to dumbp200 liters of water contaminated fuel. They tried to keep my 10 gas cans and I said no way. I went to a restaurant and grabbed a bunch of empty fry oil containers. Dropped those off and no issues.
  14. Reeds Outdoors. Off of Sunrise Park right on Lakeshore drive. Great service and the double huts are awesom. If you have enough guys you get two huts. One for fishing and cooking and the other for sleeping. Always on the fish. Perch, pike, ling and a few pickeral.
  15. Part number of cable is usually stamped on the black plastic part or painted on the black sleeve.
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