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  1. Thanks for the info. I actually found a new control unit on Amaz.... I guess i'm just going to fix the Panther and re-install it. I like the way I can smooth out the ride. Thanks again.
  2. I just wrecked my control box on my Panther Model 40 tilt unit. I'm looking at a jack plate now to replace it. I have a 30 Yamaha on a 14 foot deep and wide tin boat. Would the Jack Plate raise the bow a bit like the Panther? or is it for just running in shallow water? I used the boat without the Panther and the front really plows with one other person on board sitting in the middle. The motor is tilted back to second last hole.
  3. Just fished the Massasauga yesterday. Pike were still in the bays but seemed like only one pike in each bay. Caught a few bass just outside the bays and most hit in 20 fow. Mostly spinner baits for the pike and jigging worms for the bass. Nothing of any great size but fish came throughout the day.
  4. My average size is 22 to 25 pounds. No slot that I am aware of
  5. I've always done well in Little Lake in Peterborough. Right in the center of town. Rogers Cove off of Maria Street. Peaches and Cream corn works the best.
  6. Fantastic. I can't wait to get back up there with a bigger boat!!
  7. A little slow or you found my stash! Oh wait! Can I even call it a stash any more?? Supplies??
  8. I buried salmon guts and bones under my weed plants and they grew into bushes!! And didn't taste fishy!!
  9. We had a hunt two years ago and a nice Doe should have won an Academy Award. It ran down the hill towards two of us and hit the ground and lay there. Neither of us had fired but a guy on the other side of the hill got a shot at it. It lay there for a bit then then tried to get up several times but kept falling over. We thought for sure it was mortally wounded. One guy went to take another shot at it and it jumped up and ran away. No blood and no hair anywhere. We called the Ministry and they told us it couldn't be CWD because it wasn't standing in water and not too worry about it! We thought for sure it was either a very good actor or had CWD.
  10. I too found my salmon getting too salty. The recipe called for two cups of kosher salt. i now use less than a third cup salt to two cups of brown sugar when doing a dry brine. Still a bit salty but the sweetness of the brown sugar and the final Maple Whiskey brushing make up for it.
  11. Thanks. I will try out my crappy French and hope for success
  12. I wonder if I can get Newcastle Disease in spray form? A few bottles on the boat would be nice:)
  13. Thanks for the info. We will check out that mine.
  14. Heading to the Gaspe area for a two week drive. I'm wondering if anyone has gone that way and fished for Mackeral? We will be staying at Gaspesie and Forillon National parks and driving all around the coastal areas. I don't want to buy the Atlantic Fishing licence so we won't be fishing any inland waters.
  15. I was at Sturgeon Point PP three weeks ago. Water was very warm and didn't catch a single fish. Fished from Sturgeon Bay out towards main channel heading to Georgian Bay. Nice area to bomb around in though. Made it out to the Light House for a peek. Never seen so many Boston Whalers before. Good luck
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