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  1. Further up Lakeshore is Sunset park off of Sunset Blvd. You can drive right onto the lake and there is parking right on the ice there as well. We head out 2.5 to 5 km and fish 24 fow. Billy Bobs for minnows. Good luck
  2. I looked this up but couldn't find the exact one. Any idea how much it weighs? The ones I found say 80 lbs. Can this be right? THanks
  3. 2004 Honda CRV. Every thing that could go wrong did. I will never buy a Honda again because of this Crappy Recreation Vehicle.
  4. I've sewn up my torn hut using braided fishing line. A few loops at the ends of the cut and then sew up the middle. For good measure I put tuck tape over it inside and out and it's never been a problem since.
  5. So I still don't know where to go find these boots near the GTA. Angling outfitters and Royal are my only options?
  6. I had to dumbp200 liters of water contaminated fuel. They tried to keep my 10 gas cans and I said no way. I went to a restaurant and grabbed a bunch of empty fry oil containers. Dropped those off and no issues.
  7. Reeds Outdoors. Off of Sunrise Park right on Lakeshore drive. Great service and the double huts are awesom. If you have enough guys you get two huts. One for fishing and cooking and the other for sleeping. Always on the fish. Perch, pike, ling and a few pickeral.
  8. Part number of cable is usually stamped on the black plastic part or painted on the black sleeve.
  9. That is why I tell the wife if I don't catch it or hunt it we aren't eating it.
  10. Thanks for the tips and well wishes. I only picked the number 10 000 cus I know what insurance companies are like. It was a large tackle box with several hundred lures and body baits in it along with all the terminal tackle and what not. He'd been collecting all the tackle for a long time. This was the only item the brothers and I wanted to share to remember him by and it's gone. I will contact the insurance company and try to 'renegotiate'. Thanks again s g
  11. All valid points and I've considered that some of the tackle was quite old. I told them that and they said come up with a price list to replace all the tackle. That is why i'm asking what an average cost of a large tackle box with three trays on either side would be.
  12. Thank you. I proved to the Insurance Company that they went fishing with all the tackle and stuff they have taken with them over the last forty years. Pics of the interior of the car after immersion showing everything. That does'n't appear to be good enough for them and their flow charts. A customer for over 60 years and this is the way you are treated.
  13. Sorry to have to ask this but we recently lost both parents in a car meets water mishap. I'm trying to make a claim on the fishing contents of the car that were lost or stolen while the car went from Coroner to Police to Impound yard. The fathers tackle box is missing and it has over 60 years of tackle in it. It was a large 3 tray on either side box. I've put in a claim of 10 000 for the tackle box and contents but the Insurance is giving me a hard time as I don't have an receipts for anything in it or any pics as they were too old to have phones. I'm wondering if my amount of 10k is too high? I've been buying tackle for about thirty years and my tackle bag is easily over ten K by now I figure. Not sure what to do. Thanks. for any info on what you may have accumulated over the years.
  14. Thanks for the info. I actually found a new control unit on Amaz.... I guess i'm just going to fix the Panther and re-install it. I like the way I can smooth out the ride. Thanks again.
  15. I just wrecked my control box on my Panther Model 40 tilt unit. I'm looking at a jack plate now to replace it. I have a 30 Yamaha on a 14 foot deep and wide tin boat. Would the Jack Plate raise the bow a bit like the Panther? or is it for just running in shallow water? I used the boat without the Panther and the front really plows with one other person on board sitting in the middle. The motor is tilted back to second last hole.
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