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  1. Definitely an eye opener on the things we take for granted
  2. Rock’em Sock’em 31 lets gooo
  3. 94 points in 82 games. Marner hasn’t done anything yet? lol
  4. My boys put a hurting on the slabs Sunday!
  5. Detroit river will have fish from erie and st clair SCR will have fish from lake st clair and Huron Got my limit in 45 min last night after work, perfect quick trip before the rain started!
  6. There are clean areas in the river and it doesn’t take long to clean up. Having said that we went Tuesday and it was completely trashed. On the south end near Walpole. Don’t fish Sarnia much but lower/mid river we’ve been getting them 25-40 fow. 3/4 oz jig green minnow plastics, stay vertical, use a stinger hook drop slow good luck lots of fish in the river
  7. Between st Clair river/lake/Detroit river/Erie you have the best fishing in the province. Catch walleye until your arms are numb. Everyone likes the area they grew up in. But I say go for it. Like you say the price is right and you will not be disappointed at the different options there is to fish down here. If your a hunter we have it all as well. World class duck hunting, deer, turkey in abundance, corn fed too don’t tell anyone though we have been in the boats for near 2 months catching eyes while I still see reports waiting for ice to clear from lakes
  8. Went 5/10 on a Huron trib opening day. Surprised at the lack of people. Not a bad thing lol
  9. I have it spooled on a reel no complaints so far. Smooth as silk
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