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  1. It's not a big story and it's real cause guess what everyone it's our story my parents story and they have never been fined before. We do not catch more than our limit and if you actually read the comments I have wrote back it all makes sense 12 fish are mine my husband's And my 10 year old son 4 each wow that's in limit everyone We don't use darn nets we're not dumb This is the truth so there ya go He got caught with them all in our family cottage freezer The game warden was an idiot and would not take any story even the truth so yeah we're fighting it and we will win Thanks for all the stupid comments Instead of help
  2. They were fishing in a small town in Ontario and the game warden that stoped them also lives there apparently he is well known there
  3. There was no news evolved It's a family cottage so multiple people stay there There is a deep freezer so instead of taking the fish home they left them there and headed home is it ilegal to leave ur fish there if u have a fishing license do they have go always go where you go
  4. There were no nets its a cottage for family other family left there limits there so one person got caught with all fish Unfortunately they were not based and tagged right
  5. They didn't gift any they just left there 4 fish up there and went home
  6. Hey everyone ! I need your help There is a situation I need to get clarified here Both my friends have fishing licenses and they left there fish up at there parents cottage, well there parents got caught by a game warden and are getting charged for possession over limit. They lawyer says for my friends to sign an afidavid saying they left there fish up there. Should I tell them not to sign as charged might be less for there parents but now come back on them for leaving there catch there ???
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