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  1. Yep I make my own as well - cheap, easy and gives me something to do in the winter other than reloading.
  2. That might be because mercury has a much larger share of the available market than Yamaha. They own the lions share of the OEM market.
  3. It came with my 2018 Renegade.
  4. That is common description of the service you can expect at that marina.
  5. I'm the outlier in the group.......90Hp Etec
  6. Has anyone installed one of the Minnkota iPilot kits on their trolling motor? Just curious how difficult the process is - it does not look difficult but you never know until you actually get into it - LOL. I called several places looking to buy one but my quotes were between $900-$1,000 but no one had stock and Johnson Outdoors did not know when they would be available. I just ordered one from the US and they have it in stock and it was only $505 USD. It should arrive next week!!
  7. Do they offer a season pass or is it just day pass only?
  8. Does anyone know what the best launch to get a season pass is along Lake O from Oakville - Stoney Creek. I live in downtown Burlington so Fishermans Pier is the closest but I do not know if they sell season passes. I just dread the clowns at the public (free) launches trying to get their boat to started while clogging the boat ramp. I am getting a seasons pass at Fishmasters in Dunnville for just that reason.........that and the damn jet skiier!
  9. I heard good things about them but check out this guy - https://www.canadafishingguide.net/ He seems to have the in on where to go and what to expect. I used him on my last two trips and they were excellent
  10. Ya competition is going to kill them. Dropped them about 12 years ago and out of principal I will not return
  11. Are you referring to Missinaibi Lake? There are no loads leading to Little Missinaibi Lake? Some rough logging roads will get you close but you would have a lot of bush whacking to get to them.
  12. Ya....you had me until you said snakes! I HATE snakes
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