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  1. The kit I ordered for mine was 1866310. I originally was going to order another kit (that would not have worked) but the guys at Lakeside took the serial number off my motor and caught it before I placed the order. Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 iPilot System Upgrade Kit 1866310 Replacement × 1
  2. Fishmasters is now private only......no day launch
  3. Gave up on Dewildt........they are completely dysfunctional. Bay City Marine did a great job and had it installed in a day. That is the difference service makes!
  4. What does everyone use for a ladder or swim platform for their aluminum fishing boat? I ordered one from a local marina over the winter and they are just dragging their feet installing it on my boat - I made an app't in early April to bring it in June they my boat for almost 2 weeks (promising it will be done in a couple of days) so I decided to just grab my boat and they can keep the platform (I have not paid for it anyway). I had enough of their Bull. So I am looking at other options - what is everyone using?
  5. Congrat's........she is a beauty!
  6. x3........Grimsby Tackle and Fishing World are it for me. Bass Pro, and Cabelas are dead to me for all my fishing and hunting needs - if you want to act like a corporation you better be prepared to be treated like one by your customers.
  7. BEFORE launching have your boat ready, cooler, thermos, bait, rods, everything in the boat. Cover off, straps off and ready to get wet. Have your buddy man the lines and slide it into the water and have him walk it down the dock so the next guy can launch. Park your truck walk back get in and go. Nothing worse than the guy that just launched his boat sitting in it trying to get it started or worse - dealing with dead batteries. Move your boat out of the way! I watched a couple of guys at the LaSalle launch on Detroit River and there were about 6 guys in the line waiting to launch. They paid the lady and pulled ahead and started to back down the launch and stopped short. Both guys got out and starting peeling the cover off, and taking straps off.....and then taking rods out of the truck and putting them into the boat. Several of the guys in line just lost it on them - never a dull moment. Last pet peeve are jet Skiers that do not wait in line like the rest of us.
  8. I am not fond of stero's in boats.......seems like they have a life span of about 4-5 years before they crap out. Look at a portable speaker - on your phone you can get any radio station you want, pod casts, and stream music (just make sure your boat has a spot to charge your phone) https://ca.jbl.com/JBL+FLIP+5-.html?mrkgadid=1&mrkgcl=1221&mrkgen=gtext&mrkgbflag=1&mrkgcat=product&utm_content=Flip_5&utm_term=jbl_flip_5_Exact&utm_campaign=Con|Text|Products&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&acctid=21700000001720558&dskeywordid=43700052744279472&lid=43700052744279472&ds_s_kwgid=58700005782304790&device=c&network=g&matchtype=e&locationid=9000858&creative=386755912742&targetid=kwd-300322914898&campaignid=1560552610&adgroupid=80671802804&kxconfid=unnmhyek8&gclid=Cj0KCQjwo-aCBhC-ARIsAAkNQivynnQdyKEeP-eYS9jmQ5lunMXwQUDGeoN8KyTwEZOBJJlkIPzBatcaAnnkEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  9. IMG_2068.JPG
    Here is my 2017 Renegade 168DC. Bought it almost a year ago to replace my 2009 Sylvan Explorer 1600 40Hp EFI. Last summer was tough to outfit the boat with COVID and the shortages of pretty much everything. But it is done! - iPilot kit for trolling motor - 2 bank on-board battery charger - 6 x rod holders - 2 trolling rods and a dipsey rod - New life jackets (others went with the boat) - Bow casting seat and post - Bow mounted fish finder - swim platform/ladder - new water skis and a tube for the kids.
  10. LOL....thanks! It was my employee ID at a company I worked for (a big corporation). They used that # more than your real name so I thought it was fitting as a handle.
  11. Try running over the box twice next time
  12. I was renovating my house 8 years ago (putting on a 3rd floor), bumping out the front of the house and adding a covered deck off the back of the house and I needed my Bell and Cogeco lines moved (I had Bell phone and cable and Cogeco internet at the time). Cogeco came right out the next day and asked me where I wanted it to go and I showed him a spot at the side of the house that would be out of the way, and 2hrs later it was done. Bell said it would cost me $300 to move the location of where the phone line comes in my house. I went back to Cogeco and moved my land line and TV to them and called Bell saying to cancel my service and to remove the line on my house because it is in the way of the framers extended my roof off the back of my house. They said it will still cost me $300 and I hung up and walked to my back fence line climbed a ladder and cut if off about 6’ from the bundle and removed it from my house. I called them back and said I have a cable hanging over my yard and I think it is one of yours…….looks like it was cut. A tech was out next day and removed it. I will NEVER go back to Bell. Since then I dropped my land line and TV and use an android box exclusively with Netflix and I get more channels than I know what to do with. Once corporations get to a certain size (a saturated market) they turn their focus away from customer service & customer retention towards internal savings and internal simplification at the detriment of the customer experience. Look at Apple, Bell or any large consumer provider.
  13. I dropped them after 15 years because they are idiots. I went through 3-4 calls from their customer retention representatives asking why I left them. After 15 minutes of wasting my time I get the same answer. When I get these calls now I just tell them if you do not know why I left you do not deserve my business. Plus I removed the bell line from my house and unless they want to re-connect it for free I am not interested.
  14. I think you have started out a tad late. This has been going on for over a year now. Fishing & hunting gear, ammo, bicycles, boats & boating accessories, & athletic equipment are in short order and this is driving up prices. I am in the process of outfitting a new boat and have been buying up rods/reels, fishing tackle and boat accessories all winter because I had zero confidence that these items will be available come spring. Some items I needed to order out of the US or on Amazon because I could not find it in Canada. My first stop was Fishing World and/or Grimsby Tackle, then amazon, then I'm looking on-line (Canada or USA). Not one item purchased from BPS or Cabelas. - O'Brian Water Skis, Minnkota iPilot kit for trolling motor, 2 trolling rods and counter reels, planer boards, Navionics + card, snap weights, over $200 in lures and tackle, boat storage cover, rod holders (x4), new life jackets (x3), & a bow mounted fish finder.
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