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  1. Hi Andrew I enjoy reading your blog as I, like you, do just about anything to kill time until Spring ice out and turkey season and then go steady right until late season bow.
  2. You are correct. At the similar Ah rating a series rated 24V system will out perform a 12V system. The have a 12V system and wiring them in parallel this is the best solution for what I am running - short of dripping $3k for a new trolling motor.
  3. Hooking up batteries in series or parallel the batteries should only be done with identical make and specification of battery or you will have issues. In my application I am connecting two new and identical batteries 27DC-180 (MCA=1,000, RES=175, Ah=105) in parallel with #2AWG with crimped and shrink wrapped jumpers. I am connecting each bank of my ProSport 2-bank onboard battery charger to a battery.
  4. I think you might want to look at that again. If you parallel two identical batteries your Ah rating of your batteries double (you add them together). Remember doing series and parallel circuits in trade school? If your battery capacity did not change what would be the benefit of paralleling two batteries?
  5. Sorry but connecting batteries different ways you get different results: - Series: Capacity remains the same but your voltage is additive (12V+12V=24V) - Parallel: Voltage remains the same and your Ah is additive Trust me on this.......I'm a master electrician
  6. Something about the plane pulling away and leaving you there for 7 days!
  7. Lots of options within 3hrs of T Bay but I am not sure how many of these are bass lakes - Pickerel and Pike are my experience up that way
  8. What software are you using these to stitch the photo's together?
  9. The issue with the Lithium Ion batteries is the cost of them - they are just shy of $1,000/each. I do not think they are there just yet - price wise. I am also running a 12V TM but I am going to buy two Costco 27M 120AH Marine Batteries $169.99/each and wire them in parallel. I can replace this system 2.7 times for the cost of one Lithium Ion battery.
  10. Thanks Dan. I already have a 12V TM with iPilot and forking out $2,400 - $3,000 for a 24V TM is not gonna happen.
  11. batteries in parallel double your capacity.......and will last longer Batteries in series double your voltage
  12. I received an email from ProSport and they are advising me to connect one bank of charging leads to one battery and the other bank of charging leads to the other battery even if they are wired in parallel.
  13. I already have a 12V trolling motor with iPilot. To replace that motor for a 24V unit it would be around $2,400 even if I could find one. Paralleling the two identical 12V batteries doubles my capacity (120A.H. x2 batteries - 240A.H.) while keeping my voltage the same. If I wired the two identical batteries in series my system voltage would double to 24V but my capacity would remain the same (120 A.H.). I would much rather have the increased capacity IMHO.
  14. Hi Guys, I purchased a Minnkota Powerdrive V2 (12V) with iPilot for my StarCraft Renegade 168DC boat. I would like to wire up (in parallel) two new, identical 12V marine batteries (27DC-180 MCA=1,000 RES 180 min A.H. 120). These two batteries will be feeding my MinnKota PowerDrive V2 trolling motor with iPilot. Can I hardwire these batteries in parallel using and #2AWG flex cables and then connect the leads to the trolling motor. Is this a best practice or should I wire both batteries to a transfer switch and then toggle between them as needed. The only issue I see with this is charging the batteries - I would have to charge battery #1 then move the switch to the second position to charge battery #2. Presently I am using a ProSport 12 two bank battery charger. Thanks - John
  15. The kit I ordered for mine was 1866310. I originally was going to order another kit (that would not have worked) but the guys at Lakeside took the serial number off my motor and caught it before I placed the order. Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 iPilot System Upgrade Kit 1866310 Replacement × 1
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