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  1. making the trip is not such a issue as causing a war in the family because someone cant go due to having to work it's what I live with
  2. my Daughter was looking to order a hoodie for her boyfriend (bday gift) but by the time all the shipping is done it's 78.00 and not sure if that's cnd or US funds some time ago I remember someone was saying of a way to order and ship right from Vaughn store. We thought of making the trip but can't seem to get the family schedual to work out (everyone wants to go) or is anyone going that way and is close to Delhi that might play mule thanks a ton Tim
  3. I don't really have room for a portable garage ( tried a canopy from ctc but to big for driveway So I'm stuck with some sort of cover or tarp Not sure I have funds to get a mooring cover done but might look into
  4. ok so I bought a boat a year ago Oct and it came with a big grey tarp i thought that was great as I figured it was prob expensive and It would work nice. Well I stored the boat with it covering it and when i went in Feb to get it because of some needed repair I found out the tarp was crap. It had let water through it and a lot of it . I got the boat home and then off to tsc and bought another grey tarp well it didn't make it thru the summer and I found spots leaking. so for the winter last year I had the boat shrink wrapped and then i stored it. I just brought it home today . i haven't broke into the shrink wrap yet because I don't have a way to cover it up looking for ideas. for reasonable cost
  5. going for eyes on erie how many lb braid and how much is suggested as I may switch the one rod I have on mono over to braid and dipsy I'm not trusting enough for mono and dipsy
  6. ok I'm new to dipsys and down rigging and all that stuff so been out few times with riggers and some lead but now i got some dipsys once i was out with another guy he was all over my terminal swivles and clasps said they were wrong and he put on these monsters he had (I think to big) anyway i now have 2 rods with counters and they came with little dipsys and were tied direct and the leader line was tied direct too. I also have a larger dipsy and snubber so i was reading on net guys use beads to for some reason what do you do use and such I'm just trying to wade thru all the stuf so I'm not loosing tackle and trying 100000000 things with no result help
  7. i got one in st thomas but was big deal right to the upc code thing they had 2 I got one and they are pulling other off shelf i really think they really freak out when they see 100 off
  8. my boat will be outside all winter I tried the tarp thing last year and was not happy with what I found so I thought I would try wrap
  9. ok so seeing as how I have more boat than I had before and it fiberglass inboard I need to take care of it for winter I'm planing on having it shrink wrapped but looking for other pointers like fill motor with rv antifreeze and drain all oil from out drive what else
  10. just purchased a pair of used rhino trolling combos. when I got home I realized one is missing the little clutch lever and screw. I have contacted Zebco and another place think it was mikes reel repair. total for the parts was like 2.00 or less and shipping like 30.00 there has to be a better way rhino RBCXL2 50 Clutch Lever Screw EI053-01 53 Clutch Lever GI142-01 so looking for options
  11. found the above info on the reel I'm pretty sure thats it I see it has some first's on it and lasts
  12. 1954: The "Cap 54." The first full bail. Round aluminum winder knob replaced by flattened plastic knob. The first with planamatic gears (which leads to a short rant - as near as I can tell all the round bodies from this time on, including the first 304's, had planamatic gearing. It was only the later model 304's and 340 that abandoned it, so it is incorrect to say that the 314 is a 304 with changed gearing as everyone does. The later model 304's have the changed gearing, the 314's remained true to the end.) Reel 7
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