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  1. Do you know who/where you called if you can send me msg with info and I will try it
  2. Cooked a board in my power drive V2 so looking for place to get new/used or find someone that has broken ones I can get parts from
  3. I have a minkota power drive V2 that was giving me trouble until today it seems it’s the control board (one under the battery test) my trolling motor became intermittent on the drive part not steering I had thought it was bad connection I pinched things and put back together it had worked for 3 fishing trips until today it started fine but then was acting up I pulled covers messed with connections and it kind worked a bit then I got the smell of electronics burning yes I let the magic green smoke out of the electronic board so now looking anyone with a basket case or spare parts or a suggestion on where to get from
  4. I’m shooting for hitting water for under 1000
  5. Ok so I had the original motor running but made noise couldn’t find the noise after looking a bunch and had others look did compression test and got 0 on #3 decided to look for motor after checking out some leads to seized motors I decided to pull the head on mine thats when I found a missing valve and piston on #3 at that point I located another unsized motor and drive but 1.5 hours away went and got it all pulled intake to use the one I had and found a bad crack repair good thing my brother can weld cast so now at this point second motor is in boat and runs now dealing with getting drive on so that’s the story and keep all posted IMG_3814.MOV
  6. I have actually acquired a replacement 4cyl and a second outdrive so we will see how it goes once it’s all put in
  7. 4cyl gm2.5 catch is they used it a bunch of years but then made changes I’ve been trying to figure out the last year and model so it easier to get gaskets and bits
  8. Before going in deep I ran with out belt on so that should have eliminated the water pump and the alt
  9. It starts and runs but it has a bit of noise thought in the front of motor like a loose timing chain removed cover to find gear to gear no chain so hopefully I can find gasket tomorrow to close it up might try running with front mount off see if the sound is in mount
  10. just got me a 18’alum and trailer still digging at it motor I think is making noise kind of rattle I thought it was in front of motor pulled timing cover thinking maybe wore chain it’s gear to gear this was good buy but not so if can’t get her going My go to for boat repair parts has retired and shut down im looking for omc 4cyl 120 (possibly complete) at very least I currently need vaLve cover gasket timing cover gasket and still trying to figure out noise also engine trim motor it has a electric shift stinger so could be interested in one to
  11. There is a guy in outside Brantford that was doing repairs for sometime now Paul's Marine Welding , 14 Mulholland Lane Lynden Ont , L0R 1T0 519-647-2110 Aluminum Boat Repairs , Hull Re-Riveting , Props & Skegs , Transom Wood Replaced With White Oak m Bow Stem Repair , Cracked Manifold Welded , Floors Replaced , Marine Plywood or Aluminum , Carpet vinyl , Please call with your needs , Thanks Paul 519-647-2110 ive never used him chatted once told me how to buck my own and said he would be interested if that didn’t work
  12. I've never used one only time ever fished this area was out of fishmasters years ago looking to maybe head down that way from Delhi (1 hr drive) on Sunday will be using 14' tinner so just trying to prep thanks
  13. are people using reg rods or more back bone and rigging type rods
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