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  1. I bought a new 20 hp Merc 4 stroke 2 years ago and put it on a 14' Lund tinny. The boat flies with just me in it, 50 km an hour on the GPS. The only problem I am having is when I'm at WOT it lags and makes a clicking sound. If I roll the throttle back ever so slightly, the sound goes away. The Mechanics at BPS tell me that I am likely hitting the Rev limiter and that I should change the prop. Does anyone have a clue as to whether this sounds right and if so, which prop I should go to? The boat is a new Lund 14 WD.
  2. I guess nobody here travels or watches Border Security. To me, that's another very touchy subject when it comes to the whole topic of searches... They have the rights to do and check as much as they like and will even pull your whole car apart in front of you for no reason at all. Just sayin...
  3. I have butchered deer a few years ago but I was really looking to have the bear done professionally because I want to keep the bearskin for a rug. Plus I have never done a bear and the weather is warm. The bear would have to be cold stored pretty quick at this point... SS
  4. Lots of great information here guys, I will press on and keep trying with all of these. There is bear scat everywhere with lots of berries showing in the scat. They are feeding hard on the junipers and berries all over this 100 acres. I guess I need to be patient and trust what I have been told. I will let you know when we bag one. SS
  5. This is my first year hunting bear, we put out 5 big rotten salmon out of Bowmanville and man did they stink. We also put out a big green garbage bag of old Timmie's donuts and they did not touch any of it. I've been told that a bear can smell about 100 times better than a man, I think they were smelling the human scent either connected to the rubbermaid container that we had the fish in or they smelled and were aware of our guy in the stand 50 yds from the bait. They didn't even go near it at night which really surprised me. Any thoughts from people in the know?
  6. Thanks to all of you for your help and comments. As it turned out, we did not get a bear so it was a non issue. Maybe next weekend... lol
  7. I was under the impression that a butcher shop was not allowed to do wild game if they butcher beef and pork. Something about possible cross contamination. Not sure if that's true, Anybody here know?
  8. I have heard of a guy in the Port Perry area that can butcher big game animals at a reasonable cost. I can't seem to find anything on the internet. Does anyone know of him or someone that can butcher bear and deer for me? We are hunting in the Dalrymple area for bear this weekend and I will need to hang anything we happen to get pretty quick with the weather being so warm. Thanks in advance.
  9. Awesome Trout and a very well written post. Hope to hear and see more.
  10. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I will definitely be trying the night bite with live minnows. I thought I might try a couple of the deep holes for Lake Trout too. Has anyone ever done the Lake Trout thing? At least if I can't get on the eyes, there are plenty of Pike, or so i've heard. lol Thanks again guys. TJ - I sent you a pm with my E-Mail address, if you have time please send me that map. Stan
  11. Hey TJ, any luck with that map?? Stan
  12. Hey davew I'm not sure what camp I'll be at. I will be sure and check out the damn though. What did you mean "just make noise when walking and keep your eyes and ears open"? Are there lots of bears in the area or what??? lol
  13. When ya comin home? I'll be waitin, thanks Boss! Stan
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