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  1. Congrats on your retirement Dan. Enjoy!
  2. I am hoping you gonna share some replica pics. And few more from your trip.
  3. 4 freezers I've never had a deer heart. Looks delicious on your plate.
  4. Lew, there is nothing to regret. I am waiting and every day starring at my not completed project Probably I should pull the trigger soon.
  5. Nice. Gorgeous views. Enjoy your fish.
  6. Totally enjoyed report. As always. You totally polished your skeeter
  7. Following, I am interested as well. I heard about 12V battery trick, never tried.
  8. Beauty trophies... Oh boy, you are fishing so far away from me
  9. Usually I am getting my items delivered next day or two. Not shopping there as much anymore. Way overpriced in many cases.
  10. Oh boy... it looks like you are living your dream
  11. 44lb... it looks like it will end up on that wall.
  12. Those beautiful clouds made me run towards the shore twice on Friday. Nice pic anyway.
  13. I never get them in shallows during a summer. I have similar experience to BillM, big mamas can be found near big drop offs.
  14. Whenever I have a chance I cook fish on a fire.
  15. Lots of goods in your photos. Looks like you guys had almost perfect trip.
  16. That freedom you have there it's priceless... Enjoy.
  17. So true More rain in coming days, I will be more reading I guess.
  18. I agree with Akrisoner, with this budget electric motor would be best if not the only option. Similar inflantable + 30lb thrust motor was doing fantastic with 2 people on it. The only thing is you have to be careful with winds.
  19. They might be coming from Google search results.
  20. Someone is having fun with panos Skies on these photos are insane, love it.
  21. No bug repellent on this list? What about whiskey?
  22. I went this route few years ago. Totally agree with Hack_Fisherman.
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