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  1. dintymoore

    Esnagi lake

    Thanks for that. I'll be staying here; https://www.marmaclodge.com I'm pretty excited as I've never ventured or fished so far north. I'll of course share a full report after I return, hopefully with lots of pictures!
  2. dintymoore

    Esnagi lake

    I accepted an invite here on very short notice. It will be a long bit of travel to, and from but I'll get to fish it for a solid few days. I'm hoping to check out the near by Rock Lake and locate some Brookies and Lakers. Anyone been here care to share their experience?
  3. On Stoney Lake around 10 am this fella hit. I was cranking a wally diver across a 10-20' drop off, along an edge where I could just see the tops of some weed cover. A quick picture and this beauty was safely released. What a thrill.
  4. dintymoore

    Tough Opener on Rice

    Wife and I got one each, in slot Saturday afternoon, on Rice. 8-10 fow on wally divers
  5. dintymoore

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Gotta give up something good, to get something good
  6. dintymoore

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Beautiful play from Kadri there
  7. dintymoore

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    When considering Marner's stepping up, and Nylander's vanishing act, I wouldn't be opposed to including Willie in some kind of package for a heavy, top 3 defenseman.
  8. dintymoore

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Having a body in front of him as big as he is, blocking and deflecting shots is almost like having a second goalie on your team. K Miller, McQuade, these guys play defense, and defense wins championships. In comparison, it's not even close. The top forward units, far too inexperienced. Nylander, invisible, one dimensional. I've been telling everyone, this team is still at least two years away from being a real contender, that is, with a little luck and if management plays it's cards right.
  9. dintymoore

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    The better team won. Chara is a beast. The Leaf defense still sucks, and they'll never win a series until it's addressed.
  10. dintymoore

    Open water ?!?!`

    Any one know of any sites for current satellite imagery (like Google Earth, but up to date?
  11. dintymoore

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Perhaps they should have given Anderson the game against the Wings, and or Sabres instead of games against top teams like Tampa and the Preds. He looked ok early on, but after two goals, seemed rattled to me and McElhinney is hot.....
  12. dintymoore

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    We had this happen to us, at 22 weeks along, a year ago the 15th of Feb. A routine ultrasound turned into our worst nightmare and she was admitted the very next day for 2 days of forced labour with multiple enductions. Never dealt with anything so difficult in life as this. Definitely life changing, alters your entire outlook. This time of year seems especially hard, with spring here, the upcoming fishing season, you think about all of the outdoorsy things you would have showed to your little buddy... Those who have children, remember how blessed you are when you give them a squeeze before bed time, remind them how much they're loved.
  13. dintymoore

    Are we trying to run before we crawl? C/AV death today

    I agree with this. Too many unpredictable variables for systems to account for - bad weather is just one example, mechanical failure is another.
  14. dintymoore

    Spinning reel line of choice?

    For those of you who use a fluro leader, what length do you typically run?
  15. dintymoore

    Are Polarized Fishing Glasses worth it

    100%. I've had the same pair of Maui Jim's for about 5 years. Like others said, sometimes you'll spot fish before they see you. Oh and you'll see rainbows more clearly - now who doesn't like to see a rainbow?