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Hello everyone, I'm going to a cottage on balsam lake from the 16th-20th, hoping to target some pike, walleye, and crappie. From what I've gathered I would guess that pike and walleye are post-spawn and in shallow water (4-10') sitting in the new emerging weeds, and crappie would be in bays, spawning possibly? Also, it might help to know we have a fish finder that has sidescan and can tell us the depth we're in. I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction regarding how to target any of these 3 species on balsam lake. Thanks again. 

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Jerk baits for pike would be the ticket.  They aren't very picky.  Slip floats and small plastics for the crappie.  Remember they feed 'up' so don't run a lead that's too long.  Walleye you'll wanna be rip jigging in any weeds you find, they should still be fairly shallow depending on water temps.

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Jerkbaits, slow spinner baits, and slow paddle tails for pike, look for bays with emerging weed, and fish them entirely, don’t worry about fishing the shoreline, cover the middle of the bays.


crappie will be up around the deepest Lilly pads. Slip float, tiny tungsten jig and a crappie bait.

walleye, deepest weed lines

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