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I finally managed to finish this build as per the customer's request, transparent acrylic reel seat, butt cap and transparent silk windings.
This was my first time using silk and I can state unequivocally it's one heck of a learning curve. I had to strip the tip section down twice and redo it because of issues I had not counted on, I definitely prefer nylon winding thread.  ;)

JR 3rd time L.jpg

JR 3rd time M.jpg

JR 3rd time N.jpg

JR 3rd time O.jpg

JR 3rd time P.jpg

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4 minutes ago, misfish said:

Jr was talking my ear off this morning. He is looking forward to meeting up with ya. Add a build for me and put it on his tab please. LOL

I like that Chris. Nothing stands out but the name. Very nice.

He's potentially coming next week Brian, I'm looking forward meeting the young fella.  ;)
I will show him this message, I'm sure he'll find it funny. Make sure when you after his visit he doesn't hold on you, I'll be sending him back with something for you.  :D

The build as simple as it would seem was a struggle, I'm glad you like it. 

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