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Urghhhh it happened .


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Finally happened ….. smoked a rock with my boat last week on a Kawartha lake , I literally had fished the area a ton a times , and just found a random rock .  Two graphs running .. 8 FOW lots of room … NOPE!!

Gotta thank Kawartha Prop !! They are the guys to see should this happen !!!. Pounded the skeg back to semi straight , replaced prop (stainless being reconditioned) and back in the water in 40min , temp fix so we could enjoy the rest of the week .. No major damage (fingers crossed ) but Jesus what a sound !!

Best part …..  happened on the boats second voyage !







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Nice boat pal!  Don’t feel bad, I put a tiny crease in the very bottom of my hull on lower Buck 2 years ago on water I know very well.  Fortunately I was going very slow, and fortunately you can hardly tell it’s there, and the boat doesn’t leak any.  But I know it’s there LOL.  I’ve smoked a few props and one lower unit over the years as well.  It happens sometimes!

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