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Fly in fishing trip with Air Dale - Little Missinaibi Lake

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Thanks for sharing man. Reminds me of my one and only fly-in with my brother. My brother then was well enough to go (cancer) and we loved every minute of it. The adventure in itself was great; but being there with my brother on his last adventure will stay with me forever.

Again thanks for bring back some fond memories


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Oh, cheers!  Nice classic views from Yosemite above. 

Here are a couple views from partway up El Cap, taken last fall when we were there. Because of the covid and the smoke from the Creek Fire, for a couple weeks my partner and I were the ONLY climbers on all of El Cap, if you can believe it! 

1) The almost-view of El Cap from the Meadows in a moderately UN-smoky day! 

2) New prototype portaledge we were trying out. It is cantilevered, turned 90 degrees from the usual setup.  

3) Big wall margaritas two thousand feet off the deck. Note salted rim, eh?





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Oh crap, sorry to hijack your thread!  Here are some photos from Little Missinaibi area. We started our canoe trip in [big] Missinaibi Lake, paddled a long way in calm conditions, then up the river and portaged into Trump and Elbow. We went through Little Miss and then down the river back to [Big] Missinaibi Lake. The section of river is pretty difficult, and if I had to do it again, I would 

Elbow was past its prime in July, but catching lakers in Trump was as easy as getting out and trolling a silver-ish deep diver down seventeen to twenty-five feet. No big lakers, but man - I caught a lot!  

1) A typical Trump Lake laker caught on a silvery #9 Shad Rap

2) An impeached Trump lake trout! 

3) A couple walleyes from Elbow Lake.  You have to think the fishing would be WAY better in May or June than it was for us in July.  The walleyes were finicky, and wouldn't hit without using worms on the jigs.  Certainly not as cooperative as the Quetico walleyes were just this July! 

What time of year were yous guys there?




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