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  1. Please do not say teacher - LOL
  2. I still prefer my schedule.........the life of a sales engineer (no punching clocks for this guy). Get paid to golf and fish......I would add hunting as well but I just need to find a good customer that likes to hunt - LOL. Flexible schedule so LOTS of time for fishing and hunting & for the most part I can work remotely.
  3. That is not what the Lib's are referring to when they talk about a 4 day work week. While you are at it go for a 24hr shift like the fire fighters - 7 x 24hr shifts a month and your done.
  4. But you do know that working a 4 day week will reduce your pay by 20% I think a 4 way work week is a terrible idea. You think that supply chain issues are bad now imagine when factories reduce production by 20% - contractors, retailers, restaurants.
  5. 3 vehicles netted me $1,220........sad to say I think Justin is going to screw us for 10x that and I just do not know how yet
  6. Yep......as an electrician I do not like to sort through a rats nest to determine where they made a mistake. I find it MUCH easier to rip out and start from new again. That way I can use properly sized cables/wires, terminals, abrasion resistance on the bundle and labeling (yes I actually label wires) - LOL
  7. Yes I agree. The biggest issue is with people not using the proper size wire, the proper type of wire and not using the proper connectors. My personal fav is ring terminals that look like they were crimped with a pair of channel locks or a rabid beaver.
  8. I bought two new Costco 27M Marine batteries for my trolling motor Item #207220 Reserve 180A, 120Ah $169.00/each
  9. I do mine annually.......usually in the winter after deer season when I am waiting for things to thaw. I do not strip them down I just lube the basics - use Beretta gun oil.
  10. I'll probably go just to see some of my buddies that will be in the hunting section and some of the lodges that I know. Good way to kill the better part of a week day morning/early afternoon on errrrr.......sales calls in the GTA - LOL
  11. Should definitely be biodegradable........we no longer use lead shot for waterfowl eliminating non-biodegradable plastics should be next on the list.
  12. Said the guy that watched it on TV and read the newspapers. I WAS THERE........just because you do not agree with them do not discredit them. I do not agree with 3/4 of what they stand for but seeing what I witnessed and watching what was reported on the news were polar opposites. Just because you want to believe it and feel that it could be true does not make it the truth. These are great stories, unfortunately not facts. Do not believe everything you read The restaurants were open to take out - I know this as a FACT because I ordered take out on Friday night and again on Sat night (once on Rideau Street and Dalhousie and one in the Byward market). I wore a mask in the mall, in stores, at the LCBO and when required and nothing was said to me or my family. This was over the weekend so I do not understand about the daycare thing. I was 1 block away from Rideau Street (Cumberland and Besserer) and slept with the window cracked open a tad because it was hot and the noise died down after 11 - and I was about the closest condo there was to the rally.
  13. So educate me about that. I was there and saw the war memorial - nothing defaced nothing damaged. As far as the swastikas.........I was in and out of the entire rally all weekend and never saw a one. I did see 3 conf flags. To put it in perspective there was about 16,000 people there and I saw 3 conf flags. That works out to be 0.00018% of the people at that rally - so you would dismiss something because of that stat?
  14. I ask my wife all the time "is there a thing as too many shoes" and she leaves me alone
  15. I was in Ottawa over the weekend visiting my daughter at Ottawa U and was staying in a condo right in the the eye of the storm (Cumberland and Besserer) of the truckers rally. I cannot say I 100% agree with everything they were about but I will tell you this. I did find them very friendly, and I did not see any violence, looting, vandalism, or criminal activity (other than the odd beer in hand). We went for a skate on the canal and walked the whole length of the protest and did a skate and on the way back did a walk through the market and back to the condo. The restaurants were doing amazing business in the area (we got take out as well on Sat night) and were happy to support the rally. Once there I turned on the news and they were reporting on vandalism, thefts of food and threats!!?? Regardless if I agree with the truckers or not the rally was peaceful witnessed first hand the manipulation of the media to their own benefit.
  16. I have a buddy of mine that owns a bar in town and has a hostess checking for VAX passports. A group of guys gave her some grief one afternoon and he how has a 6'4" doorman asking for passports and there has been no issues. It is funny how some people only flex their muscle when they know they can get away with it.
  17. This was a great read - thanks to those of you that shared. I used this time to get closer to my wife and family as I fortunate to have my daughters come back home for several months last year. Over the summer nothing much really changed for me. I still hunted spring turkey, bow and the controlled hunt like normal. I did my annual fishing trip and family cottage vacation but did miss the ability to pick up and go fishing with the guys as I once did. I also bought a new bike just before the pandemic so I used the down time to ride it as much as I could and as long as I could. Work was busy as ever and in fact we exceeded our sales plan my 127% in 2021!! I still traveled for business when I could (Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax, Chicago and Houston.
  18. Hi Andrew I enjoy reading your blog as I, like you, do just about anything to kill time until Spring ice out and turkey season and then go steady right until late season bow.
  19. You are correct. At the similar Ah rating a series rated 24V system will out perform a 12V system. The have a 12V system and wiring them in parallel this is the best solution for what I am running - short of dripping $3k for a new trolling motor.
  20. Hooking up batteries in series or parallel the batteries should only be done with identical make and specification of battery or you will have issues. In my application I am connecting two new and identical batteries 27DC-180 (MCA=1,000, RES=175, Ah=105) in parallel with #2AWG with crimped and shrink wrapped jumpers. I am connecting each bank of my ProSport 2-bank onboard battery charger to a battery.
  21. I think you might want to look at that again. If you parallel two identical batteries your Ah rating of your batteries double (you add them together). Remember doing series and parallel circuits in trade school? If your battery capacity did not change what would be the benefit of paralleling two batteries?
  22. Sorry but connecting batteries different ways you get different results: - Series: Capacity remains the same but your voltage is additive (12V+12V=24V) - Parallel: Voltage remains the same and your Ah is additive Trust me on this.......I'm a master electrician
  23. Something about the plane pulling away and leaving you there for 7 days!
  24. Lots of options within 3hrs of T Bay but I am not sure how many of these are bass lakes - Pickerel and Pike are my experience up that way
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