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Busted lure 😡

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Slapped this Reef Runner boatside to get some weeds off and the tongue snapped off. Didn’t slap it hard at all.  Makes me wonder how this design will manage a big fish. .  Have caught lots of big eyes and Muskies on crankbaits where line attaches to tongue instead of body. Will epoxy this tongue in. Maybe should reinforce all my tongues before they break. 


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I've done this... slapping too hard and too often. I finally changed when I found I was slapping so hard that I was opening up my swivels.

Now, if weeds don't come off after a couple mild slaps, I remove them manually. Really stupid on my part...if weeds didn't come off after a slap, I'd just repeat, with each slap getting harder. Talk about lazy.

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