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#1 Dipsy Help For Quinte Please


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hey guys im going to be running a #1 dipsy down the centre with my main line being 40lb power pro and my leader being 10lb mono.

This is my first time using a dipsy and not sure exactly how it works.

Im assuming the weighted end is the main line side ?

my main question is if i have a 10 foot lead off the dipsy how do i reel all the way up to the lure ? or should I use a shorter lead?

thanks alot guys and Im sure ill see some of you guys on the water tomorrow.




PS. how far is the drive to picton from t.o? Im assuming three hours

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problem is dipsys get them down to far if you aren't careful and bring walleye up from that deep will kill the fish

I think a small keel weight infront of the lure or a snap on lin weight is a much better way to go


lead core is another good choise

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hi al i would not run a dipsey on the bay ,rather use snap weights or leadcore for the job the walleyes are to spooky to run a dipsey,if you run a 2oz snap weight or keel weight like terry said with about 120ft of line out you will be right in the 30ft strike-zone or run 5 colour leadcore down the center troll around 1mph and that will put you around the 20-25ft zone....hope that helps

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I heard some people did well on the dipseys last weekend at Quinte.


Most people were using deep diving baits on the planer boards, downriggers or even flatlining

with long leads.


If you try the dipseys, the lead from the dipsey to the lure should be no longer than

the length of the rod you are using. Much easier to get lures/fish to the boat.


Good luck !!!

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run your dipsey on #3 setting and get it away from the boat target approx 20 ft down for your lure of choice and come back and tell us about the big one. or just pick yourself up a couple of off-shore planes boards, reef runners and stretch 20's or other shad imitating baits.

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