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Warm Fishing Gloves?


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HHHHHHHHHHHhhmmmm i must be doing something wrong? :(


i dont wear gloves when i'm fishing..............and yes i'm talking hard water, how the heck do you feel a bite when your hands are in a pair of mitts?


I do use them for walking out to the fish or for pulling a sled, but to jigg with ............nope ask BILL.


I still have the same pair off mitts my kids gave me for Xmas 8 years ago crappy can specials, black with fake wool inside.



For hard water fishing, I also stay away from wearing gloves or mitts when I'm holding my fishing rod. When it gets around -10 or colder, I will wear thin wool gloves. If the bite is very slow, I set my rod on my plastic pail and watch the rod tip while my hands are in the pockets of my parka.


There is no magic formula. All depends on temperature, wind, type of fishing equipment used, etc, etc. However, the big thing is to have 3 or 4 different pairs of gloves and mitts to cover any situation and lots of hand towels to keep the hands dry.


I have a bit of N.American Indian in my blood. That means that I have a few more fine blood vessels close to the surface of my skin. This has kept my hands warmer than the average fisherman over the years. But a few years ago, I found that even after fishing on some cold days of summer, during the drive home, my hands would start to itch like mad when they got warmed up in my vehicule. I found out a bit later that I am diabetic. This means that I was experiencing the first symptomes of loss of blood circulation. I'm taking pills now and my blood sugar levels are great. I have no numbness in my hands or feet but I do realize that I am not as immune from the cold as I used to be. It now takes only a matter of minutes for my hands to get cold and they tend to stay cold for a longer period before warming up again. Same goes for my feet.


For any of you guys who have athletes foot, jock itch, slight numbness and easily get cold feet or hands, I recommend a check up to see if they have a bit of a problem with blood sugar levels in their blood. Since being on medication, all of those symptomes have disappeared.

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Dabluz..................good piont!!!


I'll have to get that checked it can be -20 and a wind, i dont feel the cold until i get into the truck or the cottage

then my hands burn and itch. as long as i have my big fur hat on Im as warm as toaste in the oven!!!!


PAss the perch!!!! or spread the laker juice!!!!!


besides if your wearing gloves and you jigg up a laker from 60 feet, by the time you set the hook and try and take off your gloves the fish is gone as well as your bait!!!


You guys need to get your hands use to the Cold!!!! try this..........come home late three nights in a row and put

some fine perfume on befor you you get to the door, give the wife a big hug or run for the shower and let her get a wiff of the sweet smell.................Whammmo sub zero in two second, then just put your hands on her back for a few days and you will be good to go!!!!!! :thumbsup_anim::thumbsup_anim::thumbsup_anim:

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My husband and I want to thank EVERYONE who posted with great advice in this thread. We took a little from everyone's post and decided on a few new pairs that we bought have used in the last few nights. We made sure to take lots of spares with us as well. Because of this, I was able to stick it out fishing for longer than I normally would have. If you have a minute, check out ccmtcanada's post called "Walleye Report - Nov 23" to see how you all helped!!! :D:D:D

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so which gloves did you end up getting that worked the best? Please do tell.



I did purchase the Manzella bow hunting gloves that I mentioned. I went to the store and tried several kinds while taking into consideration all the great tips from here. These gloves are thinner and waterproof, maybe not as much as others but they outlasted the neoprene and they did not break my budget. With all the talk of layers, extra gloves and so on, I wanted a glove that would be warm and waterproof on it's own but allow me to confidently handle my rod and that I could add layers under and/or over so I could adapt them to weather conditions fairly easy. The manzella's held up great last night :)



Thanks again!



you wear heavy mittens


but use an underwater camera to see the bite....

you don't have to feel anything......lol



My brother is always yelling at me about feeling the bite..."Do you want to be warm or do you want to catch fish?" Well, being me, I want both LOL

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Another suggestion... take up the guitar! The more circulation you have in your hands, the warmer they'll feel and playing guitar will push more blood to your hands! (And the girls like it too!)




I know that the "girls" like it, I am one and my husband plays the guitar :D Maybe I should have him teach me to play.

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