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Hey everyone, I hit Simcoe yesterday and today in search of some more deep water monsters, and she didnt dissapoint! We didnt get any real monsters, but we caught A LOT of good fish over the 2 days which was fun as hell, let me tell ya. Picked up some of the new Strike Zone Swammers which are a new swimbait Mark has designed. I had a few in the fall, but they got shredded by the Simcoe smallies in the fall and I finally re-upped my supply. The fish went bananas for these things, and I'm super excited about these baits. Phenominal action, great soft plastic and effective on both lakers and whities! They should be available to the public by May and I would highly recommend picking some up. As usual, caught a few on a spoon as well. Only a week left, and I hope to get out a bunch more and continue the beating! Released all of our fish yesterday, but kept limits today, can't wait for some milder weather and fire the smoker up! Enjoy the pics, any questions, PM me...












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Too funny Steve, I was actually going to try my last 2 swammers I have left over when I got again and I was thinking they would probably work. Now I know the answer. They will work. I only have 2 left. One is smoke and the other is Blue. I don't care I will use them anyway.

Nice job on the lakers. Ihad like25 chasers the other day and I was in a similar spot to you.

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