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  1. Nothing wrong with a man sporting pink gear... ESPECIALLY if it's a custom Spiel job!
  2. Sorry I'm just getting to these messages now - I was away for the past 3 days and am now trying to get everything going for the Fish-a-Thon. All of the kind words mean more to me than any of you will ever know. Thanks for the support guys - and like I said, I will absolutely keep everyone in the loop! Cheers, Ryan
  3. Hey Gang, We finally have the registration open for this years Fish-a-Thon. It's been a crazy busy spring and summer for my family with everything we have going on but we're finally getting this going in hopes to have another amazing year. Please pop by http://www.fish-a-thon.com/registration.htm to register and get your pledge sheets. Also, we're in need of donations for the prize table. If you're able to donate something please drop me a line. As usual, THANKS so much to everyone for the ongoing support. More details and updates to follow. Cheers, Ryan
  4. Thanks bud - very much appreciated! Thanks man - It truly means a lot to me that you like my work... I've done work for Fanshawe College in London, some lingerie stuff , farming, diesel fuel videos... and tons more so the demo reel should be fairly diversified once I have time to put it together. lol yeah one of her best friends, Allen has his own little tinner with a 5hp gas motor and a home-made casting deck...he even has his own slip down at the lake. So they get to spend their summer days out on the lake fishing... not a bad way to spend your summer holidays at 10 years old. haha Thanks Cliff.... I'm on it.. back to work I go right now.. Thanks Glen... very much appreciated. lol Thanks GBW... I will keep you all updated and like I said.. fishing reports will follow as soon as I find the time to get out! Have a good week guys!
  5. Thanks Dave! Thanked bud, we have to get together before long for another pop or two! ) Congrats on the success Mitch... Love hearing stories like this. Thanks and my best goes out to you and your family!
  6. Hey gang, I haven't been super active the past little while. Truth be told, there's been a lot going on in my life, and our family has recently made some pretty big changes. One such change is that I left my job after an incredible 9.5 year run. The experiences, people I've met and friendships I've gained over the past decade have been priceless. It's pretty scary, making this change now with three kids under the age of 10 at home, but I'm hopeful that in the long run it'll be a good thing for our family. I've decided to start doing corporate and commercial video work on my own, and now that my youngest is in school full time, my wife Ginny has been able to take on more hours at work. Long term, it'd be awesome to find a balance between work and family life so that we're able to live comfortably, but mainly enjoy time spent together. My oldest daughter Averie has grown up on OFC... some newcomers may not know her, but a lot of you guys, who've been members since she was born have literally watched her grow up. I mean got the idea for her name from TJ's boy for crying out loud. ( thanks bud lol ) It honestly seems like the blink of an eye, yet she's going to be TEN this October. Starting a business might seem like the wrong thing to do when you want to spend more time with your kids, but I'm giving it a shot anyway. Some of my fondest memories growing up was time spent at my Great Uncles camp on weekends ( because in Sudbury we called cottages, camps). He owned a plumbing and heating business, and though he was busy during the week, he always made time for family on weekends - and would skip out from the office for one of his kids field trips without fail. I won't be buying a cottage anytime soon, but if I could even remotely follow in his footsteps I'll be a happy father. OFC has played a huge part in getting me to where I am today, with starting my career in the fishing world 10 years ago, to helping raise tens of thousands of dollars at our Fish-a-Thon for a Cure and with making friendships that are sure to last a lifetime. Though I'm super busy with everything I have going on right now, I will absolutely check in as often as possible and keep everyone informed on how things are going. Hopefully I'm able to find that balance between work and family life, so that I can get back to posting actual fishing reports as soon as possible. We did get out for an hour from shore last night and Averie put a pretty good show, flipping for largemouth from the pier. Folks fishing with worms for panfish were like what the heck is this kid doing? lol She convinced me to let her bring a few greenies home for dinner. As for an example of the type of work I'm doing. My buddy Carl from Baitcloud asked if I'd be interested in producing a video for them, and as they're huge supporters of our Fish-a-Thon, as well as just good people in general I didn't hesitate in saying yes. So, this is the type of stuff I'm going to be focusing on. Thirty second to 5 minute corporate vids that'll mainly be used online. Though I have a ton of experience in the fishing world, I don't plan to focus all my attention in that area. I've recently been doing work in the farming and fuel industries, as well as other areas that aren't even remotely related to fishing. You may recognize a few people in this video, most notably, a certain carp angling phenom that we all know as MJL. Thank again bro - I had an awesome time, can't thank you enough, and we will get out on the water before ice-up! Wish me luck - if it blows up in my face, as least I can say I tried! Hope you enjoy the vid and my best goes out to everyone at OFC. Cheers, Ryan & Family
  7. Hey boys, My apologies for not being on the ball with regards to the Fish-a-Thon so far this season. I've had some major changes going on in my life and it's been a grind to find time to get things going. I'm hoping to start the big push really soon and I will absolutely keep my OFC family in the loop! Thanks so much for checking in! Talk soon!
  8. Thanks bud.. hope all is well on your end! Thanks Terry! Thanks Bri - I do get paid to make videos for a living so I suppose you could say I'm a "professional" lol My dad used to take hockey team photos and someone told him once that he was a "pro". My dad responded with kind of "not really, its just hockey team photos"... The guy goes, "do you get paid to take them?" my dad says "yes" and the guy tells him. "Well if you're getting paid to do it, then you're a pro" ... haha anyway you just made me remember that story so I thought I'd share it. I'm always learning and trying to come up with new techniques. Thanks! Thanks Woddenboater. I mean I have a ton of gear. Slider, Drones, Ronin ( which replaced my old steadicam... ) and used pretty much all of it for this shoot. I still keep my steadicam around though for backup because it doesn't require batteries or use motors or anything... good old school tech that never fails.
  9. It's a while Simon... Looks like things are well on your end. Brings back A LOT of memories of doing this with my own dad. Thanks for posting bud! Best wishes!
  10. Sorry about the white background on the text... don't know how I managed that! I've been on this board for over a decade and to this day have problems using HTML to imbed videos.
  11. Hey guys! It's been quite some time since I've had anything to post. Truth be told I haven't been fishing since late last summer. With the three kids playing hockey and work keeping me busy it just hasn't been in the cards.I've recently picked up some new camera gear and wanted to put it to the test in a real-world shooting situation so I approached the good folks at the LPRCA to see if I could do a mini-doc on the spring set-up of one of my favourite places in the world - The Deer Creek Conservation Area. I think it turned out well and wanted to share it with my fishing friends. This isn't an ad or commercial that I'm trying to push. I did it as a personal project and am very thankful that my friends at the LPRCA were kind enough to donate their time and park. If you've never been to Deer Creek you should definitely check it out. It doesn't matter how windy the big lake gets, you can always fish this little gem of a lake and it's saved my Saturday plans more than once. Hope you enjoy the vid and have an awesome Mother's day! Cheers, Ryan
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