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  1. has not set their statusOverworked!

  2. Its not a bad show -he gets some pretty good guys on it, -will try to catch the episode NG-good stuff!
  3. Chris -whats your ph #?

  4. The best solution is to buy a NY liscense and fish Erie-thats what I do. You can hire a guide for a reasonable price like Paul from Cast Adventures, get a freind or 2 together and the cost is pretty minimal-i get heavy bass withdrawl because I have a lot of US freinds and customers who send me reports and pics, but I still love to get out for walleye, Pike and the whittie/laker bite on Simcoe, getting out on the Niagara next week for some steelies , The cool thing is we have a lot of cool fish before bass opens , so that helps me for sure.
  5. So far everyone who's fought Jones has looked terrible against him, -his only loss was also a total domination of Matt Hamill a couple of illigal downward elbows caused a DQ , otherwise he would be undefeated , now one has been able to figuire him out -his superior wrestling, reach and power have been too much. I believe he will be champ for a while, the fact that he's 23 and getting better is scary if your a light heavyweight in the UFC.
  6. And I got to fish with Craig Ritchie! -We have to go steelheading again this year Craig!
  7. I really like lipless cranks , lately I've been using the Live target version, simply because I have confidence it it which is really important, I too like to use a 6'6" med heavy fast and braid , for ripping through weeds which I find triggers not only bass but walleye and pike as well, Lakers like them too, I vertically jig them at times, As for the Japanese vs. domestic (chinese made) I cant definetly say that one outfishes the other-comes down to confidence, although the difference to me is more in the design like weight transfer systems, which means they cast better in the wind with less roll meaning less tangles-this is more for jerkbaits, everything has its time , when I need to cover water or trigger reaction bites a lipless with lots of flash is hard to beat.
  8. That is a ton of fun and lots of nice Eyes-hope to make it down this spring!
  9. Thanks guys, Hey Chris -I made a 31/4 incher and that has been the deal on Simcoe -was talkig with a freind today he hit one while chatting then missed two right after that, I cant wait for summer myself-tested them in the fall and I I knew I was onto something, Dave Chong and I fished with Gord Pyzer on Erie and we had an awesome day, will be flying to Kenora and joining gord for ice-out smallies and big pike -should be another good test, havnt had a chance to fish this winter , Paul has been catching some nice stellies and browns on a new minnow bait I made for bass , so I made some col steelie colors for him, so I look forward to testing those too. thats the best part the product testing LOL .
  10. Thats so cool Chris -didnt expect those to be so effective on the ice but it makes sense I made it to swim at very slow speed, and the tail seems to trigger fish , lots of lakers and whitties were caught last fall targeting smallies, I look forward to using them in May /June on the lakers, they will be available soon, as the blister packs are arriving shortly, I've given out several samples and if i missed someone I apologize , I'll be fishing with my good freind Paul Castellano from Cast Adventures on the Niagara later this month , and really want to try them on the bar, I'll post some pics.
  11. I ve had the pleasure of spending time wih Shaw-really nice guy! Congrats to him!
  12. pre-molded is best skinny-lead is something you dont want to mess with, Lurecraft in the USA is also good, although shipping, duty etc.. may be a bit more.
  13. Nice Steve! looks like my fall is going to be busy too! some nice fish!
  14. I'm with Dave on this one! now I remember why I havnt posted for so long Grimace! truth is I get paid by a lure company-the one i own! not Live Target, I happen to be a fan of lures that work for me LT is Canadian and makes a quality product , there are lots of really good lures out there, I'm just stating my experiences as an angler, I dont consider myself a celebrety but I am a guy who has been successful fishing competitevly, so I use lures that I feel give me an edge, thing is for every Grimace there are lots of really nice people on this site, many of which I have met, . Hi Chris-nice to hear from you, and glad the swimmers worked for you , we are waiting for packaging -othewise they will be ready this spring, say hi the family for me! see you soon. Mark
  15. Live Target lures are for real! awesome looks aside -they catch fish! my fav's so far are the lipless and the smelt jerkbait -really looking forward to using the frog and wakebait this year.
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