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Our annual Fishing trip

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This would be our second Annual fishing trip. she traveled from Calgary to N Btlford then to Big River which would encompass about 8.5 hours. Of course the day would start off Cold and Rainy, however with the right rain gear we were at the Boat launch Hackett Lake.




The fishing was not nearly as good as last year, as me and Terrie were nailing Walleye on almost every cast.

This time we had to work hard. even the trolling was slow, at best for this lake.




as usual a couple of small Pike to make things a bit interesting




However Spike was alert as usual. Hes got to learn though not to get too close to the Hooks and teeth.










Finally Terrie was catching them.






Do you like our one Dollar Fish Gloves. The Dollar store is good for something at least.




We decided to stop and Bait fish with frozen minnows and had better luck.






Finally Terrie caught a nice Walleye as the light was going down.




In the end it actually got to be a good day, a little cool, However nothing can beat the time together with my Daughter. Luv you Terrie!



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Looks like a great day HF! Looks like your daughter kicked your butt :P............that's a good thing :)



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Great report. looks like shes got my wifes crossed armed pike hold down to a science!!

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