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  1. Doing Good Irish, still Banned though

  2. Roy what the heck is up. I miss your posts.

  3. It was quite nice on Saturday so I stayed close and decided to fish Cowan. I actually drove past the makeshift parking lot on the ice past the derby. I drilled three holes and had luck with one of the holes. This time the pike hit my jig while jigging. One eater and a small one but both back into the lake. It was good just to get a bite as I had been skunked for a while now. By the way, does anybody know where the dawg is.
  4. I thank god for Walmarts Putting my two Daughters and Wife to Work when we first moved here. Im sure the two guys in the Wheel chairs also are thankful. Lets not forget both Bass Pro and Walmarts are a Business. Both have Lower Prices and variety of selections which is good for competition. Why am I like this, as a Military Soldier, I was posted in Wainwright AB, and Petawawa before Walmarts, even FM stations were brought in and they have made the Quality of life a whole much better. Maybe Im not spoiled. You should feel lucky to shop at a Bass Pro, thankfully since this year, I only have to travel 7 hours to Calgary to visit my closest shop.
  5. Rapalas, no Leaders, that's why maybe they dont work so hot for some.. Actually any stick bait. Good chance you may get other species. Im not a fan of spoons or spinners because I like to troll and they twist your line. Since you have a small budget, get yourself a cheap pair of needle nose pliers in lieu of the leader.
  6. Im just wondering. Where is Coach??? The Place just aint the same.
  7. I was in town trying to figure out how to mount my deer antlers when It was suggested that I should see the local taxidermist for the answers of the questions I was asking. Well he gave me some advice and I thanked him, but I told him I wasn't going to pay $60 to him for him to do the work. But what I did find out is this guy is an interesting feller. Hes an old farmer that just happens to own a small plane in which he has a cabin way up north somewhere around Buffalo Narrows. I was really interested in what he told me about his remote cabin and the fishing on the lake that he flies into. Anyways to make a long story short, it seems that when his cabin was vacated he had bear problems. The Bears would get in to his cabin through his boarded windows and just make a huge mess. He told me that once a bear finds away in, its almost impossible to stop them from doing it again. But he found out a way. A hinged Board with 2 ' dry wall screws as a deterrent under the windows. The hinge allowed the board to be propped up when occupied. He says since he installed the boards, no more bear problems. Has any one ever heard of this. you can see the boards propped up underneathe the windows.
  8. It was so nice on Saturday that I had to hike into the Backwoods to attempt some ice fishing. I knew that chances was I wasn't going to get even a bite as Ive been skunked now three times in a row. But with such great weather, I wanted to be alone to enjoy the wilderness. Yea I know, it could be Dangerous and Im an Idiot, Im just being sarcastic reference the survivorman wannabe Thread t. If you haven't been back-wooding alone, youve lead a sheltered life. Clear skies and plus 6 temperatures, it was actually 6 degrees warmer 2 hours North around the Prince Albert area compared to my hometown North Battleford. Not a good sign for the farmers and supposedly really good for grasshoppers. Check out the early spring. The road between Big River and Chitek Lake The start of the trail. Great to know that the only human footprints are mine from the last time I snowshoed in. This time I hid my gear in the woods then parked the truck a Km up the road hidden and I would walk bareass back to the trail. Even the snow was melting along the trail where the sun could get at it. Check out the Gorgeous view of the lake. Im definitely going to give this place an over niter camping trip this summer. I'm working on building a cart for my small boat and motor and this lake is perfect to try it out at a later date.. Spike and the set up. I bought a ice fishing shelter tent from Walmarts for $50 on sale however it went back. IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE to set up alone. Check this out that I shoveled out before auguring. Im thinking Wolf Hair. By the way, those antlers I found are now at my shop which I will mount. Every hole I augured produced hundreds of shrimp. No bites but a great way to spend on a sunny afternoon
  9. I bet you this would of never happened if EVERYONE was sleeping at 2 AM.
  10. sure, youve convinced me they are safer. Like some one mentioned, I doubt there will be a senate hearing. never was for the exploding gas tanks upon impact either.
  11. Mtl has to completely make a team change. They need some big tough Western Boys or Yanks. Keep Halak, Markov. Trade Carry Price before his career gets ruined. Ive noticed that he gets bullied in his own net by the opposition with no payback. Lets face it, their European type hockey hasn't worked in over a decade. The following is a list that must be traded, unless they trade all of them as a package, they ain't getting nothing. Yea I know Plekanec is having a career season, but he only plays when its not rough. 52 Mathieu Darche 6' 1" 215 26 Nov 1976 33 Montreal, QC, CAN 46 Andrei Kosteatsyn 6' 0" 214 3 Feb 1985 25 Novopolotsk, BLR 74 Sergei Kosteatsyn 6' 0" 210 20 Mar 1987 22 Novopolotsk, BLR 40 Maxim Lapierre 6' 2" 207 29 Mar 1985 24 Saint-Léonard, QC, CAN 15 Glen Metropolit 5' 10" 196 25 Jun 1974 35 Toronto, ON, CAN 14 Tomas Plekanec 5' 11" 198 31 Oct 1982 27 Kladno, CZE 94 Tom Pyatt 5' 11" 187 14 Feb 1987 23 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN 47 Marc-Andre Bergeron ** 5' 9" 198 13 Oct 1980 29 Trois-Rivières, QC, CAN 44 Roman Hamrlik 6' 2" 207 12 Apr 1974 35 Zlin, CZE 6 Jaroslav Spacek 6' 0" 210 11 Feb 1974 36 Rokycany, CZE 31 Carey Price 6' 3" 219 16 Aug 1987 22 Anahim Lake, BC, CAN
  12. The pain of it all, all that Nationalism, luv it eh Doc.
  13. yea like all the arm chairs slagging Pronger, Niedermayer, Richards, Thornton, Getzlaf, etc etc. They may of never scored, but I can tell you despite their size, they seemed in the opposition end more than their own. yea, now that I really had a chance to see Niedermayer play, now I know why he is a great Captain and defenseman.
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