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  1. Don't feel bad Uncle Arttie, we're s'posed to snow all day here in 'Bama tomorrow. Earlier in the week they were calling for 1-3 inches.... but they haven't said anything lately. The ground is going to be good and frozen with an over night low of 27*F, so what ever falls is going to stick. I blame Canada for this! ... y'all keep that dad-burned cold air to yourselves now, ya heah? Y'all is messing up my spring Speckled Perch fishin'!!!
  2. The headlight is for dry land... not the ice, watch the vid Paul!
  3. ... for you it's one over 12" and not to exceed 13" and 2 under 12"... have a good feast "meat hunter"!!!
  4. Evidently they thought ice was there... ... yanno what thought did don'cha?... and that's what happens to all snowmobilers that go through the ice... they thought it was safe.
  5. Snowmobiling on ice in the dark is one of the most stupid things you can do! Those people are damn lucky to be alive!!!
  6. Monsieur Jacques, I' de beau jour ; le ll vous attende la fois prochaine !
  7. Dang! I hate that for y'all Jacques! Maybe next time go with a hut operator to have some place out of the wind?
  8. I think there's going to be a Pike looking real cool just after ice out!
  9. .. either they're writing reports... or were visited by Pepe LePew.
  10. Yup!... we raised them up and trained them to hate (fed them poutine until they were sick of it) and attack Canada, then we showed them which way north was and set them free! ... and if y'all give us any crap at all. we're turning of the electric barrier and you will be doomed! Now, if you were a little better informed you would know that the carp escaped the farms when the Missippi river flooded over it's banks and into the farms... kinda like a natural disaster thing. That'll be MISTER GCD to you... and I may be your worst nightmare!
  11. I'm sure there will be! ... right after y'all pay us retroactive restitution for letting the Sea Lamprey in through the St. Lawrence Seaway! ... and the Goby. ... and the Zebra Mussel.
  12. Art has a Huge blower!!! I'm sure of that too!!! Where have I heard that before?
  13. Yeah, it's not like the U.S. doesn't care or hasn't tried to stop them... the great lakes are our waters too!!! ... and speaking of insulting, I felt insulted just reading the title to this thread! Maybe y'all should put up your own barriers on the Canadian side?... would any of the bashers like to chip a few $ for that?
  14. They say that everytime they discover a new invasive species in the great lakes... back when the gobies and zebra mussels were discovered it was going to be a total collapse of the great lakes. Same as I stated above... but they can be caught with corn and frozen green peas and regular carp bait! MJL, Victor, Beans... y'all get your gear ready men!!! We've a big job for y'all to do!
  15. Meh! What's one more invasive species in the great lakes? Canada let all the other ones in... and the U.S. lets one little tiny species in and we're irreresponsible??? ... and if you'll check your facts, they haven't even gotten in yet!
  16. Is it the frostbite or the mosquito bites that makes y'all that way?
  17. Asian Carp taste like chicken and there's no limit on them!!!
  18. I was just aggravating y'all (looks like it worked pretty good too!) ... I'm sure ol' what's his face has a good reason for doing what he did.
  19. ... and that's why Monsieuer Williams "high tailed it" to the US??? ... I'll have one of what he's drinking beer-tender!
  20. Oh sure!... if you're lazy and unemployed!!! ... we tend to take care of the ones that take care of us!!!... if you're worthless and weak, we leave you out on the ice for the Polar Bears!
  21. Millionaires don't become rich from spending money foolishly!!! ... and if your weak die while waiting for the proper care?... what does that say aboot your society???
  22. What is ensured health care worth if you can't get what you need when you need it??? ... would you care for fries with that triple by-pass sir? ... btw, if you have a full time job in the US, you more than likely have health insurance... just our way of keeping the honest people working and off the "Dole".
  23. Dude!!!... I've got one of those hats!!!... 'cept it never gets cold enough to wear it around here, gotta B 52 bomber shearling jacket that I never wear too because it's too hot... guess I should visit Canada more eh!??? Great vid and Melissa is a cutie... she must take after her Momma eh?
  24. Does this mean your socialized medicine tax dollars are wasted???... and why can't y'all have qualified personnel to perform these tasks? You'd think with one of the largest countries in the world (square mile wise... or so y'all say), you'd have someone to perform any procedure that needed to be done!... maybe they should increase your social medicine tax dollars to ensure this?
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