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    FISHING, hunting, outdoors stuff, Ottawa Sens fan
  1. njm

    Shore fishing

    Would much appreciate it. Thanks Neil
  2. If your friends with Bernie you're good in my books too. If you want to get out in the boat some time let me know. I'm only a young guy (36) but would host you any time you want to get out. Blair

  3. njm

    Shore fishing

    Thank you folks, I'll give the pier a shot(or a line I should say)
  4. Anyone know where I can fish from shore in the North Bay area?
  5. Is that the Sand lake in Plevna? If it is, fishing is not bad. Pickeral and Bass is what i catch up there. it is also connected , via a small stream, to another lake,,,which is also good. Neil
  6. njm


    Dependin on exact dates and cost,,,I'm a go. Neil ps: mayby I'll drag Bernie out there too
  7. I'm up in Northbay area, but I'd like to join you guys,,,depending on where you go.
  8. Thanks, I'll check with them
  9. Anyone know about when,,,and especially where???
  10. I think I'll sign this bird up for our team,,,
  11. Ther is NO bad beer,,,some are just better than others
  12. Has anybody been there? If so, what's it like? any tips on where to go fishing? etc Neil
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