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  1. I have one as well (honestly) and I'm much closer.
  2. I'm certain given his winnings Terry he has more than one. I too have asked to borrow (a clean) one.
  3. Thank you Brian, I very much enjoyed that.
  4. I too had an old Mitchel 308, beautiful reel that was once my Father's, Dave. The 300 pails by comparison.
  5. I'll make this quick as I don't want to burn my dinner, old school Dam Quick Reels are awesome, old school Mitchell 300 I'd use as trade for toilet paper.
  6. Phew, so my 7.1 that I never caught still wins.
  7. OMG.....so this was you as a child. lol
  8. I know the joy very well Dan. Remember how you felt about it today, then do it again tomorrow.
  9. It started out like this and now it is a medium size pot of Lobster Bisque simmering away for tonight's Dinner.
  10. It is cool when you see them live and up front. Front row center on these boys.
  11. "Forward!" he cried From the rear And the front ranks died And the general sat And the lines on the map Moved from side to side...... Do you know we're all pawns?
  12. And then there's this...... Am I the oldest here......
  13. I'm guessing they made for some fine dining David. Good stuff.
  14. Well, working in the newly renovated rod shop today and getting a rod in finish for the first time in months I had to appreciate the company of the shop stereo. This is the "Sound of Music," this is my motivation.........
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