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  1. I've always liked those machines Cliff. Had a chance to play with one briefly on Simcoe ice many years ago. Would be a great (functional) toy to own for sure.
  2. Not sure if I posted this from August Smitty? I did a small batch of Red Pepper Jelly much like the recipe in the link you posted, in that I did use Apple Cider Vinegar.
  3. I use Pickling Vinegar (white) Smitty diluted (3-1) with filtered water. I do not pre salt to remove moisture, I've not found it necessary. Since it's pickling per say and not canning I just cold pack (sterilized jars and lids of course) and pour the boiling brine over top and place the lids on. Like you I would think they would become soft and not "pickle" like. The way I do it they do stay firm.
  4. Oh boy, highly envious. It all sounds so good!
  5. I was right in my thoughts on location, lol...."that hill." That'll be the hill I die on.... lmao!
  6. I believe I do, or at least within the general area. There at 4am, you be nutz! LOL Nice fish though. Are those Frogg Toggs breathable waders Brian?
  7. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I was hesitant the first time I made them 4 years ago and now wish I had done so many years sooner. I desperately wanted to use fresh Dill but my two local grocers were out so I settled for dried Dill. Next year I think I'll grow my own Dill along with the Tomatoes.
  8. He keeps the floors good and clean Brian.
  9. He may not be much help in the kitchen but my boy knows not to be in the kitchen when I'm cooking. 11 pounds of green tomatoes from my garden now pickled. Can't wait to dig into them. So good.
  10. A 5 or 6 weight is a good place to start. For reference where I convert Spey Rods to Float rods for Steelhead they're almost exclusively 5 and 6 weights.
  11. Meh, not overly expensive, I'll keep my eyes open for it and will try it if I find it. However I'm far more interested in trying this one. https://torontosun.com/life/food/a-brew-so-strong-that-its-outlawed-in-many-u-s-states
  12. How stupid do you have to be, to be sitting in an unlit boat in the dead of night while you can hear another boat approaching and not turn on some form of lighting to make your presence known? Oh wait, they couldn't hear another boat approaching or see it approaching with navigational lights on. Why would that be?
  13. "there's a bait and tackle shop where the residents can go down and, whenever they want to, rent a fishing pole and some preserved minnows and schlep back up to their rooms"
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