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  1. Some kind of genetic misfit for sure, but the fish is nice.
  2. Well one of them is now cleaned off entirely and will be getting the new handle installed starting tomorrow. It could be fishing for Steel by next weekend.
  3. With factory builds Brian I know what I'm getting into most of the time, it's the custom builds that always throw a curve or two at me. You can see in the first picture where I have already cleaned the blank down to factory smooth forward of the original reel placement.
  4. In the shop today, two old school 1562 IMX builds are currently getting a face lift. I'm swapping out the old worn and low quality cork work for modern custom wood seats and top end cork. There's gotta be a better way to make a buck.
  5. Always cooking something up but not always taking pictures. I've recently made a huge pot of Chilli that had 6 pounds of meat in it, a small pot of Clam Chowder and and a large Casserole of Baked Pasta with Sausage and Cheese. Today, this monster coil was done on the BBQ (pre rain), the best Hot Italian Sausage bar none! Portioned off onto crusty rolls with choice toppings is on the menu for dinner tonight and tomorrow and......
  6. Just a little heads up JD. If you're still looking at Air Fryers CTC has the T-Fal Digital Air Fryer on for 55% off. Marked down to $99.99 from $229.99.
  7. Oh boy I need this, boy do I need this. Recorded less than two weeks after I saw them in TO on back to back nights (second row VIP, night two).
  8. I only found one pellet Doug and it was in the cartilage between the breast meat. I can't wait until he brings me more, he said he has them for me.
  9. Living where I do allows me to see the Avro Lancaster most every weekend soaring low and loud over my home, always emotional but today as it flew over as it does every Remembrance Day is far more poignant and tear raising. Respect to all who have served and continue to serve, Amen.
  10. I'm no expert on Air Fryers John but I am enjoying the only one I have ever had, it's a T-Fal. And ya, look after yourself silly, you know better.
  11. Turns out it's actually a pretty stellar craft brew, I liked it immensely. Even better when it's gifted to you.
  12. Oddly enough Ron I have discovered the original source of that blank and I know what the current seller paid for it.
  13. Thanks Pal. I get lucky sometimes and the stink, well I can assure you, you don't get used to it. lol
  14. I always look forward to our chats buddy, but that call telling me what happened was not a happy moment. Thieves are the lowest!
  15. Thanks Brian. It's going to be strapped to a 13' CTS float rod.
  16. There's about 3 hours in the reel seat and butt cap.
  17. Well it's definitely outdoor related. Deer antler supplied by a dear friend (as well as one of my machine lathes) for his next custom rod build. This is the progress so far.......
  18. Had a couple of Bush Chickens given to me last week so I did a little shake and bake with them in the Air Fryer. Served with some of my Pineapple Jalapeno Relish and a side Curried vegetables over rice. I could have reduced air fryer time by a few minutes but overall, pretty damn tasty.
  19. Nicely done Smitty. It all looks scrumptious. I'd be real keen on the results of the Green Tomato Relish once you have tried it. It does sounds delish.
  20. Creative kitchen play today. Pineapple, Jalapeno Relish with fresh Lime, Ginger and with a generous splash (half a mickey) of Captain Morgan White Rum. Preliminary taste testing suggests it's going to be stellar.
  21. Controls crabbing as well, a plus with multiple line spreads on the Great Lakes where two rods styles per person can be deployed with multiple presentation options available.
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