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  1. Can you provide an picture of the removable base for me Mark?
  2. Perhaps, but there are almost no front line MNR officers in the field, sadly.
  3. Happy to help Cliff, glad it worked it out for you.
  4. PM me Cliff and we can discuss there.
  5. I'm ready to partake in another evening together at the Danforth Peter, lets go.....giddy up!
  6. Things don't stay "secret" long these days pal, sadly.
  7. That's fantastic Ron though I suspect it'll affect my bottom line. Strikes Ron's name out of build book* 😆
  8. Pacific salmon.....ewwwww Not in the headwaters of native trout streams, thank you.... NO!
  9. I was going to mention the ugly hoodie but I figured I'd let it pass. Hi Bruce.
  10. A little "Sound" out in the "Garden" today while I clean up the yard.
  11. What to do with yet another batch of garden tomatoes....... Make soup, then make a loaf of bread and then dine on fresh home made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum yum!
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