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  1. Between this forum & Grimsby Tackle im able to decide on driving 2 hours or not, and yes a web cam would be great 👍
  2. The problem I run into it won’t even let me submit, keeps saying email doesn’t match password or password incorrect just doesn’t add up . Had no problem registering to this forum or other venues that require registration. Not saying I didn’t do something wrong in the process but if so I made mistakes approximately a year apart and couldn’t correct them, wouldn’t let me
  3. Thanks Jonny B , nice catch 👍& thanks for the information. Planned to make the trip there today from London area but the weather changed that. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for all the info, dave524 & Rizzo . All very helpful info, It’s much appreciated 👍
  5. Planning first trip to south shore(Port Dalhousie) depending on responses/suggestions. From experience on Lake Erie out of Port’s Stanley & Bruce you go out approximately 5 miles before a offshore wind churns things up. I’m guessing a South wind 15-20 knot’s with a wave forecast of 1’-2’ waves if putting in at Port Dalhousie probably wouldn’t cause too much chop in the current depth the bite would be at. With lake of knowledge, I’m guessing at present the majority of fishing is not too far off shore. Looking to be educated 😀thanks Sea Ray Lew
  6. Thank you will do appreciate the suggestion 👍
  7. I tried to register with them about a year ago & again last week and had no luck getting the password, user name & email to mesh , probably just me but I have had no problem registering with other venues such as this one.
  8. Looking for updates for Port Dalhousie bite updates for boat fishing
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