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  1. It's not uncommon to get walleye while perch fishing on Erie. A couple years ago I landed a 13lb channel cat on perch gear.
  2. Wow! Haven't seen many, if any lakers come out of Erie! Nice fish!
  3. Fish the bottom with pickerel rigs/minnows in 45-70FOW.
  4. Staying at Tomiko Lake Lodge. Thank you for the pm!!
  5. I can understand that policy. I've been a member here for 20 years or more. Not as active as I used to be for various reasons. I'm not looking for fishing spots. Moreso, any particular tackle I should bring with me. Do most jig for them( as we do on (Nipissing) or troll harnesses? Worms? Minnows? Bodybaits? etc Dusk or dawn better than daytime?
  6. Prior to posting my question I had done an extensive search of OFC and found some good info. but much of it from several years ago including several comments stating to the OP "I'll PM you". This will be my 1st time fishing the lake so hoping to get some new input.
  7. What is this Google thing you speak of?
  8. Booked a cabin for our annual spring trip for the last weekend in May. Looking for tips for walleye as well as where I can find a depth chart/map. TIA.
  9. I would consider a different part of Rice Lake or Quinte but the slot size and possession limits on Nipissing are a deterrent. We don't keep alot but it would be nice to do a fish fry one night of our 3 night trip. When on Rice Lake we usually fished the southwest end between Hall Landing and Gores Landing.
  10. I've done an annual spring fishing trip with some friends for about 22 years now. Almost all of them to Rice Lake, Nipissing or Hay Bay and always very end of May or early June. In recent years, walleye fishing on these lakes has been disappointing so I'm looking for a new destination. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Ideally something within 4-6 hours drive from Niagara. TIA
  11. Thank you to all for posting your opinions.
  12. I'm sure this topic has been discussed numerous times over the years but I'm looking for current opinions on outboards. I'll be buying a new boat soon and the package comes with a 90hp Merc. I've heard many guys who favour Honda and Yamaha. Years ago I owned a 14ft Lund with a 20hp Yamaha and in 12 years didn't have a single problem with it and I wasn't very good at doing regular maintenance on it. Changing the package from a 90hp Merc to a 90hp Yamaha would come at an additional cost. Your thoughts?
  13. I have a relative in the scrap removal business who gave me this old level wind reel. Apparently it's circa 1930.
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