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  1. Thank you to all for posting your opinions.
  2. I'm sure this topic has been discussed numerous times over the years but I'm looking for current opinions on outboards. I'll be buying a new boat soon and the package comes with a 90hp Merc. I've heard many guys who favour Honda and Yamaha. Years ago I owned a 14ft Lund with a 20hp Yamaha and in 12 years didn't have a single problem with it and I wasn't very good at doing regular maintenance on it. Changing the package from a 90hp Merc to a 90hp Yamaha would come at an additional cost. Your thoughts?
  3. I have a relative in the scrap removal business who gave me this old level wind reel. Apparently it's circa 1930.
  4. Been out on Erie 4 of the past 7 days and although the numbers aren't as good as last year, the fish we have got have been significantly bigger including two 8 pounders.
  5. Based on your description of symptoms I would suspect either the potentiometer or the variable speed controller. If I were you I would Google the model number and symptoms. I've repaired numerous home appliances, my hot tub, furnace and water heater by doing this. Even better call the manufacturers tech support.
  6. Future ex-wife lol. Why ruin one woman's life when you can ruin the lives of several.
  7. I do have a reef runner and a blue and silver ripplin Redfin but I've tried both stick baits and crankbaits out there with no success I always seem to do better with worm harnesses. In particular the past couple years I've gotten most of my walleye on blue and silver willow leaf harnesses made by Juggernaut. Most of my buddy's use this same harness. We first had success with them on Rice Lake and decided to try them on Erie.
  8. Great info. Thank you for the reply Old Ironmaker. I do visit NFN as well. May have to try Port Maitland soon.
  9. I was out close to the mouth today from 8am- 1pm and managed 2 small pics then the winds chased us off the water. I was using 10,20, & 30 jets with harnesses, some with planer boards. Going to try again tomorrow.
  10. I was out close to the mouth today from 8am- 1pm and managed 2 small pics then the winds chased us off the water. I was using 10,20, & 30 jets with harnesses, some with planer boards. Going to try again tomorrow.
  11. It's been quite some time since I've posted on this forum. There was a time when I would check in several times a day. I made the move to self-employment a few years ago and now I have more time to fish. If my customers had their way I'd be working 7 days a week ? but sometimes you have to put your foot down. I also upgraded from a 14 foot Lund to a 20-foot Tahoe. This allows me to do both pleasure boating with family and fishing. Bought it used back in 2017 and immediately had it fit with a MotorGuide version of I pilot and new fish finder / GPS. Mostly fish Lake Erie now out of Crystal Beach and Port Colborne, perch in the spring and fall and pickerel all summer-long. I know this form covers all of Ontario just wondering if there are many fishermen on here from down in the Golden Horseshoe?
  12. Thank you to everyone who replied. I appreciate your input. Looks like I have many decisions to make. I would prefer an aluminum boat with fish and ski package but my wife and daughter would prefer pleasure boat so we will compromise and most likely get a pleasure boat :-). The issue of a tow vehicle is a good point because I will definitely need to upgrade.
  13. After 14 years with my current setup (14' Lund w/20hp Yamaha) I'm finally looking to upgrade. I want something to fish from between April and November and pleasure boat in the summer months. I've been looking at aluminum boats with the fish/ski package but am leaning towards a pleasure boat so I can get my wife and daughter out with me too. I fish Lake Erie mostly. Perch in the spring & fall and walleye in the summer. Anyone else on this board own a pleasure boat that is able to fish big water? I'll definitely want rod holders, downriggers, a bowmounted i-pilot and possibly a bowmount mast for planer boards. Any feedback or pics are much appreciated.
  14. Thank you for the replies. I'm looking at aluminum boats around 16'-17'
  15. I currently have a 14' boat and tow it with a Dodge Grand Caravan which has a tow rating of 3600lbs. I would like to upgrade to a larger boat and motor. Based on the vehicle rating of 3600 pounds, what is the max. weight for a boat/trailer.
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