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  1. Thanks for the reply. We managed to get a couple of walleye and a decent musky. Unfortunately no crappie - successful trip none the less
  2. Hey guys. Hope your lines are ways stay tight. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about mine. been at a cottage in lower buckhorn for 2 days now and never been as frustrated over fishing. Other than a few bass, we have only caught sunfish! anyone care to offer some suggestion on where and how to get into some walleye or crappie?
  3. The wait will be over on Saturday. Today Ford is announcing Marinas can start to open to the public starting Saturday. I hope the municipalities open up public launches at the same time. I would petition your councillor today.
  4. With that attitude I guess you will rarely, if ever, lose sleep. Good for you. my bet is that even if launches open up, municipalities will put some sort of restriction/by law in place to prevent out of towners from using ‘their’ boat ramps. Sad days for many reasons.
  5. Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the info
  6. Heading to Big Bald lake in a couple of weeks and wondered if anyone has any tips on the fishing and can suggest a public or private boat launch on the lake. Ill be renting a cottage located on saunders rd on the north east side of the lake. Any launches close by?
  7. Thanks for your help posting them right side up. It was hard for me to correct so I just gave up. They were 13-14 inches. It was our annual fishing trip with the guys and we decided to go to this lake this year. I have to say the fishing was really good. Plan to go back up there again next year. We got into pike, walleye and accidental large and small mouth bass. I think it has to do with the lake being very lightly fished...at least while we were there. The only thing is that it is a prop and bottom end busting lake. A couple of boats we saw hit their bottom end during our short stay. Luckily they were not going fast. I managed to leave unscathed. That lake will go from 40 feet to 1 foot in less than 20 feet. And with the higher water this year, the dangers that were previously visible are now just lying under the water.
  8. post-580-0-32843600-1496762479.jpg
    Here they are... my dad in the pic
  9. Went to Belmont Lake for a four day fishing trip with the boys. Had an awesome time fishing this lake for the first time. Here are some pics for you to enjoy...
  10. Heading up to ranger Bay Area on the French river this weekend and not sure what to expect as far as fishing goes. Anyone familiar with the area and willing to offer some advice? Thanks.
  11. When I replaced my laminate counter top from my kitchen a few years back with a different material, I posted an ad on kijiji for the free laminate counter top just so I didn't have to dispose of it. The counter top was in great shape..may want to search kijiji or craigslist for similar free counter tops. Cut a piece to fit and then just swap out the sink/plumbing. In fact, I see there a few ads on Kijiji right now offering free counter tops.
  12. thanks for the feedback...for others looking for info I did some searching on the net after the replies and found Pompano Beach has it's own pier and you don't need a fishing license if fishing on it. Even for a non-resident. The pier also sells bait and access to the pier is free. There are other piers up and down the coast with similar fishing license free zones, but you have to pay to get on them...Pompano is the only free pier I found on that stretch of area. As for the fish, it's apparently hit and miss. Mackerel, snook and even sharks can be had off the pier. Found some great youtube videos - just search Fort Lauderdale fishing piers. I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. I owned a 1992 StarCraft up until 2 years ago and it didn't leak one bit up to the day I sold it. Those rivets held tight, even after banging into docks and the like over the years - especially the latter years when I was teaching my son to boat. That was one of the reasons I replaced it with a new Smokercraft (same family as Starcraft).
  14. Heading down to Pompano Beach near the end of the month and was hoping for some ideas on where to go fishing around the area. Never been there before. Can't go out on the ocean because my wife gets sea sick (and frankly, so do I), so plan on hitting piers or other areas from land. Any suggestions on where to go and what to use/target at this time of the year?
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