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  1. Tech at Lowrance said the part number doesn't show in their system and wondered what schematic I was looking for.
  2. Just need a pic or part number. It is the common mode choke (L49). Thanks
  3. A friend has asked if I can look at his HDS Live. Wondering if anyone knows where I can get schematics ? Looks like the first transformer on the power circuit but I need a part number. Thanks.
  4. I bought the unit at a boat dealership and they installed everything but doesn't appear that it was tested on the water. Work and cancer kept me off the boat for a few seasons but now all is good and getting back to it. I just checked install and it looks like both transducers were installed pointing out, not level to water line. I will be adjusting and testing next weekend. Any advice or experience will be appreciated. From what I have read and comments here, it looks like I should just need the XHS 9 HDSI 180 T that came with the unit. Thanks
  5. When I got my 999 I was told I needed a y cable and 2d transducer to read bottom at speeds over 10 mph. Not looking for imaging just 2d bottom. Can I get this in one HB transducer on the 999 unit ?
  6. I have an older 999 SI unit that I was told I needed a second transducer and Y cable to read bottom at speeds over 10 mph. I never got the performance I expected so I am looking for something new. Will this unit read bottom at high speeds or is a second transducer and Y cable required ? A buddy just picked up the Garmin Echomap 95 SV and says it works great with the transducer that comes in the box.
  7. That would be a nice fish in the derby. The past few years the salmon have been a little small.
  8. A couple years back we were in NB casting off the pier and catching mackerel on bare 3/0 chrome treble hooks. Put two on a line with a sinker and jig the line as you reel in. Lots of fun bringing two fish in at a time.
  9. Hi Bassin15. My son and I will sometimes look on a map for some bridges in quiet areas and cast a 1/8 oz jig with a Gulp minnow. This weekend we were near Buckhorn and caught 3 small mouth and 2 walleye just before dark. Good luck.
  10. Thanks for the replys. Knowing the lake has them, I have lots of patience to search.
  11. We just moved our trailer to Pigeon Lake and I am looking for some help locating fish. Mostly looking for musky, but have been told the lake doesn't have any. Help with any species is appreciated as I will be taking my son out and would like to hook into something. Thanks
  12. Looking for suggestions. I have been given 3 places but haven't fished any of them. Leaving from Kitchener I have Lake St. Clair ( Belle RIver), Rideau River (Kars area) or Lake Stoco (Tweed). Any help or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brent
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