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  1. View Advert Minnkota foot control trolling motor 40lb thrust minnkota power drive 140$ pm me Advertiser bobkayla Date 11/14/2018 Price 140.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds  
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    40lb thrust minnkota power drive 140$ pm me

    140.00 CAD

    Tavistock on

  3. Lovin the fall bite ,,,the boats not goin away yet
  4. bobkayla

    Walleye on fire

    With these south winds yesterday the walleye bite has been goooood My buddies and me don't keep to many fish but these are heading for the table a few times for us
  5. bobkayla

    Telltale bugs

    Was on the water sat put the boat in and know water coming out of the telltale,,checked it and an insect built a cement like cacoon in there Dug it out with some wire and know prob. Same thing happened last fall. Just a heads up
  6. bobkayla

    Charging 24V system.

    I am in the exact same situation,,,I'm planning on keeping my two bank charger that is already in the boat ,,,and then getting a one bank charger just to hook up to the starter battery,,this charger will not be onboard,,,takes all of a few seconds to hook up and then I have a charger in the garage if I need it and don't have to get rid of my two bank charger that is already in the boat
  7. bobkayla

    If you had $15k for a boat....

    Oh the tracker bashes on here,,,,,I bought my 17.5 in 2011,,,,absolutely not a single problem Love the boat
  8. bobkayla

    Pilot, highlander or Santa Fe ?

    jJust picked up a 2017 sorento two weeks ago with a towing package and 5000lb. Capability The ride is beautiful and I'm sure it will haul my 17.5 boat without even knowing its there
  9. bobkayla


    Hi,,,welcome and great intro,,,,I'm headin to niagara myself Sunday ,,,,,,I'm thinking it will be a good weekend,,,,,good luck sat.
  10. bobkayla

    Boat steering froze

    It did break free this morning,no problem,,a few turns of the wheel,,,the boat is only 4 yrs old ,,,so i don't think it is rust,,hope not ,,,just wondering if there is water getting in or water that has already been in there a while,,,the boat sits in the driveway till the weather gets really bad because I use it in niagara in the fall early winter,,,,don't want it to freeze up on the way down there this year
  11. bobkayla

    Boat steering froze

    Finally put the boat in the garage,,,went to turn the motor and the line is froze Just wondering where ,,in the line or in the cylinder in front of the motor ,,anyone have this happen
  12. You diffeniitly need a trolling motor,,bow mount ,,,,right now the river is mud ,,,usually takes a few days to clear as long as the winds stay down,,,,,hope it works out for you
  13. bobkayla

    NF - Beer Lovers... Need help

    Also don't forget gummie Bears and bell bottoms