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  1. Thanks everyone, went out yesterday with the 1/2 ounce and it was tough getting it through some spots but i made it work, i don't do alot of punching so never needed a big weight. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Im not sure, at least thats what it looked like when i googled it, it's all over Mississippi lake.
  3. Hi there, Just wondering if a 1/2 ounce weight is heavy enough for a punch rig, i will be punching some lillypads today, would usually use topwater but i don't think they will want topwater today according to the weather. Thanks
  4. Thanks all, i guess i sort of wrote it wrong saying there are weeds, there are some weeds but mostly just that green slimy algae stuff, it grows on the bottom, it grows on the top and everything in between. I just googled it, it's called Blue- Green algae, iv'e tried plastic worms and such but it just collects all sorts of it. But the fish love it, they get right down and in the stuff. Really not sure what i will do come fall when the fish aren't very aggressive, is there any other kind of topwater lure thats a bit more finesse ? Thanks
  5. Hi there, I fish a spot were there are lots of weeds and usually fish topwater to avoid the weeds, is there any thing i can fish around weeds in fall when the fish aren't biting topwater. Thanks.
  6. Hmm i was pretty sure it was bass, but for whatever reason they seem to be getting it now. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, i try alot of different retrieves, maybe i will try just letting it sit there along time before moving it and see if that works.
  8. Hey there, Lately I have been throwing alot of topwater frogs, i don't have a boat so i fish this spot very often, and i was wondering if they can get accustomed to seeing the same frog over and over knowing that it's a lure. Because when i started to fish topwater at this spot the fish would just come up and kill the thing over and over, now i can hardly get a blowup. Just wondering if they do that or if any of you have had this happen. I was thinking of getting a different type of frog such as a prop frog or something thinking that might help. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hey guys thanks for all the tips, really appreciate it. I have cut the legs down very short on the frog, to like 1'' or so and went fishing this morning and caught two bass on the frog, one being 4 pounds, my PB. Thanks for all the help, was very helpful.
  10. Thanks guys, it was definitely a pickerel, Thanks for all the help.
  11. Thanks all. Very helpful. Bassin15
  12. Thanks this really helped. Bassin15
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