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  1. I am the Owens Dog Box dealer for Canada. Im located in Southern Ontario Give me a call and we can work out a plan on pick-up or shipping. Prices will be CAD$ 519-282-8900 For CUSTOM over the rail boxes, full bed boxes and free to air style boxes, Ive got a friend that will build you a box out of ALUMINUM or steel. Thank You
  2. X2 Darwin,look at the places hit with Sunamis and earthquakes- overpopulated areas of the world. North America is just getting its turn now
  3. Depth finder said surface temp was 65 and was a degree each side through Wolsey and the north channel. We were fishing 6-8hrs a day aswell. Oh well that's how it goes sometimes but unfortunately because of that and the water fluctuation I won't be running back
  4. Seemed like walters were sitting in 60' holes at about 45' on the steep side and were moving up into 25-30' at night. Got mine all off white whistler and yellow twisters, and worms didn't catch one. Muskies were suspended in the deep holes off the sunken weeds and islands. Had some right up to the boat. Ive fished different stretches of the french in mid october and the pickerel fishing was always good.
  5. Just got back from fishing 3 days and it was slow. Had a few friends filling 3 boats and the fishing was poor. Some smallmouth, rock bass, small pike, a few picks, and some muskie follows and loses. I took my limit of picks home but I was the only one. It was a new spot to all of us but I was expecting better, I was told the water was a lot higher than usual and it had been raining a few days before we got there.
  6. Ya I don't understand the Georgian Bay Area/north bay there is a mess of moose running around and no licenses. Maybe it's cause the cottage population? Or they don't want to give out lots of licenses with the proximity to the dense population in southern Ontario?
  7. Between atikokan and tbay on the south side of the highway all the way to the us border I used to see tons and tons of moose while flying. That was 7-8 years ago. South west of tbay had the most. Seen a load around red lake as well. North and south of town. Really excited to go to Newfoundland, my grandfather and I, I believe my wife is going to bring our 6 month old (at the time) son. Unfortunately my Dad will be staying home to look after everything. But my Grandfather will have a chance at hunting with his great grandson. If the decline of Ontarios moose population is really ticks and brain worm then that's an unfortunate cycle. It's just hard to look at how well Quebec manages its moose and see 3 moose/km2 at the highest on the south side of the saint laurence and a little better population than Ontario on the north. If it's bear,wolves, and deer that are predating moose and driving them out of their habit than a push should be made to decline their numbers in the bad areas.
  8. If a population is struggling they will never close the unit to moose hunting because tag sales is their #1 revenue source. So instead they just increase the guaranteed group size, usually forcing a group of hunters to go out and buy new extra licenses, their family members, neighbours etc licenses in order to increase their group size. So really they are increasing their revenue $. Think of all the groups around perry sound that need 14/15 pool ones for an adult license. I know guys every year that go up with a pocket full of calf tags and apply every year in the hopes of an adult license.
  9. You buy a calf license in most areas (all but a few) and apply for an adult license. Your best odds for a adult tag is to apply as a group with members in "pool 1". They are supposed to have tags set aside for northern residents. Each wmu has a guesstimate of minimum pool 1 applicants to guarantee an adult license. In theory all groups over the minimum receive a license, a percentage of northern applicants receive licenses. Then if there are extra. Single applicants and pool 2s receive license. If there's license left still they get sold as surplus. There's no accurate record of moose numbers harvested legally or by natives. So MNR has no clue of population and if they do a survey they usually realize they are wrong, make the correction then by the time they get back to doing a survey again they've over corrected and population is devistated or over populated.
  10. Well all I'm going to say is that's more likely than going to the grocery store.
  11. I should add that we barely buy any meat at the store. If it is it's sometimes some chicken or pork chops. We depend on moose, deer, and fish. Not cause I can't afford it but because that's our lifestyle for health reasons and tradition. In a province like ours we should be able to hunt for our food not just sport and the way it's going the governments not making it possible. With no moose this year I would replace it with deer. But my deer license and my wife's is not going to replace the meat from a moose. I'm glad we are fortunate enough to be able to travel and shoot game.
  12. So north of Thunder Bay they've been cutting license and we used to get a bill or cow with 2 pool 1s. Now it was 7 for a bull and 3 for a cow this year. And we got a cow license, my uncle did but with work he can't go and a couple years ago he transferred his tag cause of work aswell. So no moose hunting in Ontario this year for us. Last year we also got a cow license and we only seen bulls so we went to Quebec in November, out by Rimouski and I shot a young bull on the third day hunting. My Grandfather saw 2 moose, My Dad seen 1, I saw 2 and shot the second. That part of Quebec has 3 moose/km2. So this year we are going to Newfoundland area 11. The Anguilla mountains. My wife has an uncle in New Brunswick with an outfitting business and he goes to NL almost every year so we are going to the outfitter he knows. Mountain Top Outfitters. Been in business 43 years, his references talked well of him and if you look at the Facebook page looks like they got a pile of moose, some decent bulls too. He's it some videos on YouTube aswell. Ontario is so messed up I don't know why I even bother hunting here. Ive got 20 deer on the home farm every night and I drive ten minutes to my dads and on the way if you look in the right spots you can count over 30 at 3pm in the afternoon. But no additional licenses again.
  13. I'd be carrying also. In fact I used to have a carry permit for in the bush,carried a S&W 629 44mag, loaded with 280gr A frames for bear. It's expired now and I haven't kept it up.
  14. 1- Most places have both european and american plans available, or a mix like you suggested. So its pretty standard 2- As for how you get there, what kind of operation do YOU want to run and your geographical location will support what you can do. Open all year for snowmobiles, just fly in fishing/hunting, or a nice little place for motorcycle/car tourists to spend a night in the summer?? 3- Id stick with the small boats, some guys have leases and deals with the local marina on boats and motors, trading in regular 4- Thats up to your clientele, Id have someone available to call if a guides required (who knows his stuff), sometimes I've run into older people who just want someone to drive the boat and do the labour not so much be a fishing pro. 5- Id say that 60%+ are repeat customers, and they book next years vacation before they leave. Go on a couple trips and get some ideas. Ive seen a resort run that was supported by people on driving tours and sightseeing, they would stay maybe 2 nights and move on. There was a big lodge and a restaurant, some small cabins. A couple boats- fishing was not the attraction. They were also closed in the winter. Ive worked for drive in/boat in/ and fly in only operations. Some the only thing that was good was the fishing! lol Others run a great operation with everything in tip top shape and killer fishing and hunting. IMO don't spread yourself too thin- Pick one thing and do it better than your competition. If you have 6lb walleye or 50" pike advertise the hell out of it and thats what you do. If your cabins have a sauna and hot tub with a masseuse advertise that! If you have 400lb bears you better have 50 bait sights, etc
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