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  1. This boat is a side console. But I'll look into the higher thrust 24v models. Thanks!
  2. I could swing this one. Seems to have everything I'll need. Doesn't say V2 though. https://www.cabelas.ca/product/93694/minn-kota-terrova-55-bow-mount-trolling-motor-with-i-pilot
  3. Well that's what I was pretty much thinking. Would have to stop casting to work the remote. The i-pilot i want simply for spot lock.
  4. I'm looking at some bow trolling motors and I see they have a Power Drive with remote and i-pilot. The one with a foot pedal is about $500 more. I have a Humminbird Helix 7 and plan to use the i-pilot feature with motor. I'm wondering if I will miss having a foot pedal or if the hand held remote would be fine. Anyone have good/bad experience using the remote?
  5. I have a 2015 Lund SSV16 with a 30Etec. I bought it new in 2016 for $11,200. I see those boats now are around $14-16k new with 30-40hp. I got a new boat coming and could probably sell the SSV for 10k. The Lund dealer told me he's trying to order new Lunds in but they won't arrive until July.
  6. So.... why was the guys dog loose and on the other property?
  7. I hear ya Grimace. It gets under your skin, but after a while, you'll learn to ignore it and do you own thing. You don't have to drink the Koolaid so to speak. Same thing going on with hunting. Mostly in the States so far, but if you want a laugh, check out Avery hunting forums. You'll see how the "Black goose down killin' crew" dropped 50 geese with nothing but thier trusty Super Black Eagle 2 and Black Cloud ammo, called them in to GHG fully flocked full body decoys (a mear $600 per doz.) with $150 Zink goose calls, and shot from inside Avery ground blinds..... LOL! 90% of that forum is a sales pitch. Point is, you seem like a guy that knows bull when you see/hear it, so don't sweat it.
  8. Just cuious how many hunters are on the board. I fish, but not as much as I use to. I find myself hunting much more and sometimes prefer to shoot clays on summer days rather than fish. Hunting is not an easy activity to get started in, so I'll assume there's going to be more fisherman (oh... that and because this is a fishing forum )
  9. LINE jigs LINE Its early walleye season, read between the lines. Good effort though on a day the dreamers stayed home. I know of a few guys who did pretty decent on the Rio Grande for eyes today, but I think it was hit or miss for a lot of people.
  10. For some reason, when you get items shipped USPS, you only have like a 10% chance of getting dinged. Through e-bay and other US retailers, I've only had to pay duty/taxes maybe 3 times, and I've bought quite a bit. UPS is a different story. To warn those who do not already know..... ALWAYS ASK WHO THEY SHIP WITH. If UPS, ask if they will ship USPS. If not, keep walking. UPS will ding you for duty, taxes, brokerage fee.... and a brokerage fee tax. Its insane. I know you guys don't like LeBaron, but there is an advantage to buying online from them (for me anyways). They ship from Quebec, so you don't get charged PST if you live outside of Quebec. The savings of the PST basically pays your shipping. So I can buy stuff from my computer chair without paying the gas to drive at least an hour to get to a (good) tackle store.
  11. Unfortunately there is no intelligence requirement to get a fishing license. Like a "You must be this smart to fish" sign or something. I would support a requirement that you need to pass a test or something to get a license. Heck, hunters have to do it.
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