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  1. Has anyone fished any lakes serviced by Air Ivanhoe? Can't seem to find much fishing information on their lakes. Their cabins look great but it's all about the fishing. Any info on any of their lakes would be appreciated.
  2. For those of us who don't have a couple of grand to sink into a trolling motor may I suggest checking out Haswing trolling motors. As mentioned in my previous report I purchased a 12v, 48" shaft, bow mount with cordless remote, wired foot control and quick release pad for under $600 US on ebay (now about $650 or so). Though it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some of the well known name brands such as anchor or auto-tracking my motor performed admirably. Just not having to be physically attached to my trolling motor left me free to set rods and fight fish. It's quiet, quick to respond, easy to deploy and easy to install. I just couldn't justify spending 2 grand on a well known brand trolling motor and install it on a boat I paid $3000 for. Good fishing to all, I'm leaving for a fly-in on June 7th.
  3. Purchased a new Haswing Cayman 55lb thrust with 48" shaft bow mount wireless trolling motor on ebay about 2 months ago with wireless controller, corded foot control and quick release mounting plate for less than $600 US. Finally installed it on my 16 1/2 ft Crestliner today. So far with just land testing it I'm extremely impressed and satisfied with it. Motor quickly responded to the wireless controller from about 40 to 50 feet away and the installation was quite painless. I'll fill you all in on my final critique when I open water test it in the next couple of weeks.
  4. Thanks, Napken wasn't available for early June, going to try Quantz early June and Napken late July next year.
  5. Going to Quantz, June7 to 14.
  6. Flew out to Nettogami with Cochrane Air last June. After flying with them for many years our group has decided to give Hearst Air a try this year due to Cochrane Air being under staffed , under equipped and totally unorganized. They have too many camps and not enough staff to maintain them or planes to get you there. The office manager Kim held them together as best as she could but was removed last year. Good luck on your fly-in experience this year.
  7. Should move pretty nice with a 60 horse on the back. Love the 6 rod holders.
  8. Flying into Quantz Lake early June 2019 anyone with any helpful info?
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