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  1. Phil S C

    Cochrane air question

    Thanks, Napken wasn't available for early June, going to try Quantz early June and Napken late July next year.
  2. Phil S C

    Cochrane air question

    Going to Quantz, June7 to 14.
  3. Phil S C

    Cochrane air question

    Flew out to Nettogami with Cochrane Air last June. After flying with them for many years our group has decided to give Hearst Air a try this year due to Cochrane Air being under staffed , under equipped and totally unorganized. They have too many camps and not enough staff to maintain them or planes to get you there. The office manager Kim held them together as best as she could but was removed last year. Good luck on your fly-in experience this year.
  4. Should move pretty nice with a 60 horse on the back. Love the 6 rod holders.
  5. Phil S C

    Fly-in 2019

    Flying into Quantz Lake early June 2019 anyone with any helpful info?