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Lake O Salmon Charter - Looking for a recommendation

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Looking to take out some clients on Lake O for some good times.  Someone with a decent sized boat able to accommodate 6 guests.  Any recommendations?

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If you're looking for the closest good Chinook fishing to Ottawa, then it's the west side of Prince Edward County. A number of years ago, I would regularly fish out of Wellington in July. Classic spots like Scotch Bonnet would consistently produce the biggest Salmon during the first half of the "Great Salmon Hunt" derby. These were mostly US fish that would disappear by early August. Lately, the local Angler's Club pen raises Chinooks to maintain a summer long fishery.

Scott Walcott from "Bay of Quinte Charters" still takes his boat over to Wellington for the month of July. He also owns West Lake Willows Resort, if you're looking for a place to stay. He runs a 35ft Kingfisher. There's also a few other guys that run charters out of Wellington and Brighton that time of year.



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