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Information on Elbow lake out of Leuenberger air.

legend fisherman

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I found This for ya: 


For me, Nakina is about my limit for an easy day's drive, being about 14hours....There's 2 very good outfitters there I've flown with in the past: Leuenberger's (leuenberger.ca/kag.htm), and Timberidge (timberidgefishing.com). With Leuenberger I can personally recommend Muskrat, Elbow, and Kapatawanga lakes. All fantastic fisheries, and great cabins. I'm fairly certain you'd have a good trip at any of their outposts though...With Timberidge I've been to Sim and Crayon lakes...both great lakes.


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On 10/31/2023 at 11:52 PM, legend fisherman said:

Im wondering if anyone has visited Elbow lake out of Leuenberger air. We have to the opportunity to go early June. Im wondering how the size and numbers are for walleye. Thanks alot!

Check Mike Borgers site for a trip report I believe by fishquest. It's a good report on this lake and dozens of others out of nakina by fish quest. I'm sure the walleye fishing is fantastic with the added bonus of brook trout in the cat tail river within walking distance from camp

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