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top 5 musky lures?!

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On 9/17/2023 at 12:53 PM, siwash said:

Just came across a used Revo Toro baitcaster with 8' Veritas.  Would that be a bit to light duty? 

A Revo Toro what?  S?  Beast? Rocket?   Kawartha fish aren't giants.  If that Veritas is MH at least, you'll be fine.

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1 hour ago, DICKEYRIGS said:

Launch on the north end, lots of big fish up there. 3-5 ft for 8miles or so from that bridge, waste of time.

I assume you are referring to Pigeon Lake north vs south end? If so, I agree. The lower end is a swamp! I'm not into the thick, shallow weedy water.  I fish the weeds but prefer weed edges, pockets etc, adjacent to deeper water.  I have just had more luck. 


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On 8/29/2023 at 8:14 PM, 12 Volt Man said:

Excellent thread.

so I am a shore fisherman that has been trying to catch a muskie for about 2 years. 

I fish Lake Gibson in Thorold (nothing but I know there are big muskie in it)

I have driven out to a well known shore spot on Lake St. Claire (about 2 hours from me) 3x and each time no one caught one lol 

I am thinking about trying a shore spot in the Kawarthas for a better chance. 

there is a spot near a boat launch in Balsam lake where people fish that is about the same driving distance as Lake St. Claire was.

Worth a shot? I have a muskie rig (St. Croix Premier, Tranx etc) big net etc.

Or am I better to try somewhere near Pigeon Lake?? it seems to be another muskie factory like Lake St. Claire is.



Assuming since your fishing Gibson you are close to Niagara? For a shore angler any of the creek mouths along the Upper River can have fish cruising by and probably your best bet in that area. Also the Lower River has a small but overlooked population above the dams and all throughout the whirlpool/Glen area. I have never really targeted them there but have caught and seen quite a few incidentally over the years. Spend enough time smallie fishing there one will grab your bass,,or spoon chucking salmon and casting kwikfish for trout seems to hook ski's if ones around .  You do see a few guys target them with giant tube jigs or inline bucktails in that area at times. 

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