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  1. I do alot of my own maintenance but for any shimano gear I own its tough to beat sending it back to peterborough for a more detailed overhaul. The amount of new parts the reels come back with far exceeds the cost of the service. Not something that needs to be done each year but maybe every 5 or so gives you a reel like new
  2. Seems in the fishing world everything good gets discontinued!
  3. No one using Fireline crystal as a substitute? I have tried nanofil and although it handles and casts awesome its durability and abrasion resistance is terrible. Crystal I found to have similar handling, (not quite as good) but its strength and abrasion resistance is crazy. Also way over rated test wise so I usually go with 8lb or even 6 and it breaks FAR over that
  4. NAPA stores, at least the ones by me sell it for 8.99 as everyday price.
  5. I have an older pair of simms headwaters goretex and a new pair of Patagonia. Simms are a bit heavier duty with thicker material. I fish alot and they've given me no proplems in 8 years or so. Just had new booties put on at simms as they were showing wear. Fit of the patagonia are a bit better for me. Never used it but their warranty is supposed to be second to none and are probably worth a look. LL Bean also have a good rep and solid warranty with some good products
  6. Ya I own a Cabelas Arachnid baitcast of same vintage as the Verano spinning. Its basically a Tatula type R with different color scheme and a few extra bearings in handle. I think the Verano was the older 2016 Ballistic which is a tank of a reel
  7. Quantum and Okuma are currently under contract with Banax. Doyo has the contract for BPS, Abu Revo, Lews, Browning, Penn and some others. And ya they do often share platforms between brands. Daiwa and Shimano design and build their own product although Daiwa has been known to sub-build for others. (Most recently some Cabelas high end stuff). Seems the contracted builders put out some great stuff along with some duds with quality issues...
  8. Ya these reels really excell at lure chucking steelhead. They're slightly heavier than the competion at about 8 oz but balance longer rods out nicer I find. I think the company targets a more casual anglers for mid level sales (crappy tire 50% off stuff) so they're high end offerings arent taken as seriously but they should be...
  9. Most quantum are junk but the Smoke s3 are a different animal..I got the S3 spinning only because I had gift cards and got a great deal on a sale. The drag and line managment are hands down better than my more expensive daiwa kage or shimano stadics and saros I own. It was supposed to be a back to my back up kind of reel but really holds its own and I reach for it often. It doesnt have that airy feeling like the daiwas or shimanos but it feels tight and in my opinion will last. I still have a quantum energy titanium from the early 90s thats now my girlfriends reel. Thing wont die. They do seem to produce some gems now and again in between alot of junk they get a bad rap for. Baitcast I stick with shimano and daiwa although again I still have a perfectly functional Quantum US 600 from again early 90s
  10. Although pricey, tungsten shouldnt be too hard to find. I use them in small creeks to toss tiny kwikfish and hotshots on 3 ways. A 5 pack I think is about 10+$ and usually lasts me a season. Worth every penny. Better feel of whats going on so I actually lose less plugs and better casting with less splash on entry to scare skittish trout
  11. Cabelas made some decent stuff on their in house brand before the merger. I have a few of the xml steelhead rods that in my hands beat my loomis and croix hands down. Even a lower end tourney trail thats seen hundreds of septmeber chinnies over the last 15+ yrs and still feels like the best spoon chucker I've owned. I still have a pair of their breathables as a backup to my backups that I only takeon my worst rocksliding, bushwhacking missions and cant kill them. Wading jackets too. Their last few reels like the arachnid were better versions of high end daiwas and are still great if you could find. Their stuff was always hit or miss depending on who was contracted to build it but was sad to see it go as BPS was always junk in my eyes
  12. Fished the pool today. First time this season. Water was surprisingly decent and fishable until mid afternoon when for no reason it was in trees and I got washed out. Parking is 2.50 per hr or 15.
  13. Take it you just customized a black/gold rapala. Looks awesome. I do it often to my hardbaits too. Also like the spiral wrap rod you're running
  14. Not familiar with sutton spoons but ya smaller williams wabblers are cerainly the most deadly steelhead spoon in my box. Used with almost no retrieve, just angles and a tout line in the current they can be absolute deadly. Larger ones you would run for chinnies are much heavier though and would not require any additional weighting in my opinion even for pier chucking. I've doctored lots of larger williams with glow witch doctor tape on one side of their ridge for night fishing with sucess also.
  15. Use flutter or trolling spoons all the time. They work the drifts on Niagara way better than cast and crank style casting spoons for me. For weight I've tried it all and most methods are going to ruin the action. For starters keep a heavier treble on where as heavier spoons I prefer to swap over to a siwash style hook. Then if extra weight is needed you can use the Storm Suspend Strips. These are patches of lead that are designed to sink floating crankbaits so they suspend. They can be trimmed, removed, replaced on the same lure wet, painted. A few centered down the middle back of spoon should do the trick with the least intrusion on the spoons natural action. 8$ or so and your set for years. Also good baitcast gear is pretty essential. I find it better than spin gear and low end baitcast just won't cast in this situation. I run a Calcutta TE DC and can launch these effortlessly.
  16. Anyone ever try the daiwa J - braid. See it around and know daiwa often makes a decent product. May try next time I need to replace
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