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Just a reminder if you have any transactions upcoming, non political please

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Is this legit/accurate?  Funny you mention non political as the article clearly has a political bias. But whatever.  I can’t say I’ve heard anything about these changes but it’s been a few years since I’ve been hunting and haven’t really been paying attention.

     Did some reading, bill c71 has been in effect for a few years now. RCMP web page states that you still don’t have to register non restricted firearms in a private sale although you are supposed to verify that the buyers pal is legit.  I dunno. 

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Yes , it was taken from a gun owners forum so some bias but I'm sure they are not going to notify every holder of a PAL of the change so beware. This is from the Order in Council that banned about 1500 firearms and variants after C71 was passed, Order in Council is a way of side stepping political process. Come May 17th , to sell , give to even a relative you will have to inform the Registrar of Firearms/RCMP of the transaction of the sale and get a reference number for the transaction, while the long gun registry is dead this is an attempt by the backdoor to a new registry. I mention this that in case some older guys may want to pass some firearms to children or grandkids get it done before the deadline, penalties are substantial once it kicks in. The new Order in Council is date April 29th so very recent  


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