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Eskimo 8” w DCD777

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I have an Eskimo Pistol bit 8” auger that I paired up with my Dewalt DCD777. With the battery packs that come with it are way to underpowered (20v 1,3ah), but when I put a 60v (10ah) battery, it works for up to 20 holes. However, after 5 holes, the drill will start smoking. After a 5 minute break, it’s good to use again. I’m just worried that I’ll blow the drill. Does anybody know why it dies this/any suggestions as to what to do (new drill, batteries, etc)




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Yeah the dewalt compacts won't hold up to an 8 inch.   My buddy has their heavy duty contractor grade and it spins an 8 inch ok.  I too would recommend the Milwaukee Fuel brushless hammer drill.  Mine blasts through ice with an 8 inch bit.

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I have the same drill.  Did the same thing.

Next trip out, I went down about 5 inches, then pulled the snow out, then drilled again.  Repeat until you're through.  Did three holes with no issues, no smoke, no smell.

Good luck.


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